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The Gift of Grandparenting

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The Gift of Grandparenting
$12.71 - $14.95
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Family life columnist Thea Jarvis encourages grandparents to participate actively in the lives of their grandchildren. With candor, energy, and wisdom, Jarvis offers an intimate spirituality of grandparenting, a celebration of the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. Each of the ten reflections in The Gift of Grandparenting, complete with lively examples and suggestions, focuses upon opportunities for sharing the gifts that each generation holds for the other-opportunities to play, to teach, to grow, to trust, to serve, to limit, to heal, to remember, to love, and to dance.

  • A time to play
  • A time to teach
  • A time to grow
  • A time to trust
  • A time to serve
  • A time to limit
  • A time to heal
  • A time to remember
  • A time to love
  • A time to dance.


Format: Paperback book
Product code: IC732636
Dimensions: 6.92" x 5.04"
Length: 188 pages
Sorin Books
ISBN: 9781893732636
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Written by Thea Jarvis


This is a glorious upbeat book on the role of grandparents in our time-starved culture. No preaching here. Just bright insights and ageless wisdom adapted to our era.
Dolores Curran, parent, educator, and author of Tired of Arguing with Your Kids?