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Vaccines are on the way, but even if everything goes according to plan, we will not return to normal before summer (at the earliest). And we certainly need to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe.

It is tempting to procrastinate. "We'll just wait for the pandemic to end. We'll get back to normal in Advent... or Lent... or Easter...." But we can't "lose" another season. The first Christians were convinced the world was about to end, and look what they accomplished!

We CAN minister well during a pandemic, despite all the limitations. Vibrant, creative churches are showing us that it is possible to serve our members and even grow under these conditions.

We have gone to work developing new tools and adjusting old ones to be compatible with virtual ministry. Since we were already a leader in downloadable, pastoral eResources, many of our tools were already good to go!

Thank you for all you continue to do to serve the church as we weather this storm together.

Lent & Holy Week

Day-by-Day Booklets

Send Lent home with these bulk-priced, day-by-day booklets. Help your people embrace the Lenten season after a challenging year with Words for the Weary.

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Lenten Series & Thematic Approaches

Don't let Lent slip by unnoticed this year. Pique the curiosity of your people and focus them in a fresh and memorable way.

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Downloadable eResources

These flexible and affordable tools are perfect for sending faith home and/or as the basis for virtual events.

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New & Noteworthy!

Fratelli Tutti

Tools to break open Pope Francis' new encyclical on fraternity & social friendship.

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New Directory for Catechesis

Explore this completely new document from the Vatican guiding our approach to faith formation.

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Coronavirus Tools

Help your community navigate the pandemic.

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Family Catechesis - For Home or in the Parish

Coach parents to share faith with their children. We have been helping parishes put parents in the process for over a decade. The resource you use matters!

Growing Up Catholic
Faith Stories

15 Family Sessions x 3 Years

An interactive, story-based curriculum for home & parish use.

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Growing Up Catholic
Sacramental Preparation

A Parent-Centered Process

Handouts guide parents step-by-step to prepare their own children for the sacraments.

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Fall Learning Centers /
Centros de Aprendizaje de Otoño

Three Family Sessions

Easy-to-follow parent-led sessions for Autumn.

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Lectionary-Based Resources

Week-by-Week Reproducible eResources

Bulletin inserts, parent handouts, cartoons, and more. Get the free sampler!

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Liturgical Year Resources

Tools for preaching, ministries, and people in the pews.

Year A (2020) Year B (2021)

Week-by-Week for Youth Ministry

Engage tweens and teens with Gospel-based connections

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Social Justice for Today

Racial Justice

Responding to the Sin of Racism

Resources for reflection, prayer, preaching, catechesis, and action.

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Peace & Nonviolence

Active Peacemaking

Resources for doing the hard work to move beyond conflict to justice. For kids, teens, and adults.

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Social Justice for Kids & Families

Tools for Building the Kingdom

Age-appropriate tools for addressing poverty and injustice.

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Featured Ministries

Eucharistic Visitors

Best practices for starting and sustaining ministry to the sick and homebound.

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Youth Ministry

In Real Life series: Relevant • Engaging • Challengings

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Healing, Grief, & Pastoral Care

Resources to help you minister to those struggling with illness, bereavement, miscarriage, and more...

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Adult Formation

The Catholic Way

Believe+Pray+Live • Sessions & Handouts

For RCIA, adult formation, confirmation, and more...

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Small Group Resources

Books & Videos for Faithsharing

Reflect on Scripture and daily life, while gathering in community.

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Handouts & Bulletin Inserts

Simple but Powerful

Help your people reflect on their faith more deeply, one page at a time.

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Follow Pope Francis' Lead, and Accompany Your People

Welcome & Hospitality

Get ready for your Christmas visitors, starting with our free parish leader kit.

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Tools for Accompaniment

Embrace Pope Francis' vision to become the kind of parish the world needs today.

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Leadership & Planning Tools

Find some fresh resources to help you guide your leaders and the parish as a whole.

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