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Whole Community & Family Catechesis

Form your whole parish and coach parents to share faith with their children. Use oour effective tools for in-parish and at-home use.

Fashioning Faith

Huge Resource Archive

A subscription service with thousands of tools for child, family, parent, youth, adult, and intergenerational use.

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Families on a Mission

Mission & Service Experience for Families

A way to give your parish families an experience of service, justice and discipleship.

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Flexible Activity-Based Lessons

Fun, engaging ideas for whole family or classroom use.

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Growing Up Catholic
Faith Stories

15 Family Sessions x 3 Years

An interactive, story-based curriculum for home & parish use.

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Growing Up Catholic
Sacramental Preparation

A Parent-Centered Process

Handouts guide parents step-by-step to prepare their own children for the sacraments.

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Loving Relationships &
Safe Environment

Help parents talk with their kids about how to love and when relationships go wrong, all in one session per year.

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Lectionary-Based Resources

Week-by-Week Reproducible eResources

Bulletin inserts, parent handouts, catechetical tools, cartoons, and more.

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Liturgical Year Resources

Tools for preaching, ministries, and people in the pews.

Year B (2021) Year C (2022)

Week-by-Week for Youth Ministry

Engage tweens and teens with Gospel-based connections

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Advent & Christmas

Day-by-Day Booklets

Great selection on affordable, bulk-priced booklets.

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For Kids & Families

Family event kits, booklets, books, and more!

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Downloadable eResources

Practical pastoral tools for every ministry: retreat kits, handouts, family events.

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Social Justice for Today

Fratelli Tutti

Tools to break open Pope Francis' new encyclical on fraternity & social friendship.

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Racial Justice

Responding to the Sin of Racism

Resources for reflection, prayer, preaching, catechesis, and action.

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Social Justice for Kids & Families

Tools for Building the Kingdom

Age-appropriate tools for addressing poverty and injustice.

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Featured Ministries

Eucharistic Visitors

Best practices for starting and sustaining ministry to the sick and homebound.

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Youth Ministry

In Real Life series: Relevant • Engaging • Challengings

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Healing, Grief, & Pastoral Care

Resources to help you minister to those struggling with illness, bereavement, miscarriage, and more...

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Adult Formation

The Catholic Way

Believe+Pray+Live • Sessions & Handouts

For RCIA, adult formation, confirmation, and more...

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Small Group Resources

Books & Videos for Faithsharing

Reflect on Scripture and daily life, while gathering in community.

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Handouts & Bulletin Inserts

Simple but Powerful

Help your people reflect on their faith more deeply, one page at a time.

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Follow Pope Francis' Lead, and Accompany Your People

Welcome & Hospitality

Get ready for your Christmas visitors, starting with our free parish leader kit.

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Tools for Accompaniment

Embrace Pope Francis' vision to become the kind of parish the world needs today.

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Leadership & Planning Tools

Find some fresh resources to help you guide your leaders and the parish as a whole.

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