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A Generous Lap A Spirituality of Grandparenting

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A Generous Lap
A Spirituality of Grandparenting
$15.00 - $20.00

In this charming and inspiring work, Kathy Coffey reflects on the spiritual dimensions of grandparenting—how this stage of life may expand our hearts, enlarge our humanity, put us in touch with fundamental aspects of our selves, and allow opportunities for a more generous and fruitful life.

She notes: “God uses this period in human life to transform us. The most cantankerous, self-absorbed jerks suddenly discover a sweeter side. The stern start spoiling relentlessly. The introverts pull out the photos, cute sayings, and stories. Those who thought their physical ailments were paralyzing sprint after the toddler heading for the street or hoist aging bodies up the jungle gym when a grandchild quails at the terrifying steepness of the slide. As ‘the child grows in wisdom, age, and grace,’ we get to marvel, and gradually grow into God’s loving self.

Cover art: Brother Mickey McGrath, OSFS, “Jesus Has a Sleepover with his Grandparents: Sts. Ann and Joachim,”

Cover design: Michael Calvente

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Format: Paperback book
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Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
Length: 152 pages
Orbis Books
ISBN: 9781626985315
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Written by Kathy Coffey


A Generous Lap encourages us to recognize how the relationship we share with our grandchildren is grounded in our own spirituality and offers the opportunity to be the spiritual models and wisdom figures we want to be for them. 

Anne Kennedy, Tui Moi, November 2023, Issue 287

Authentic and inspiring, with not a false sentiment in it—just lived experiences and insights about the opportunities and delights of being a grandparent. I can tell you that every grandparent would love receiving it as gift from their children or grandchildren.

Michael Leach, author, Soul Seeing  

This ‘spirituality of grandparenting,’ as Kathy Coffey calls it, defies our stereotypical expectations about what it means to be a grandparent. Whether or not you have ever held a grandchild in your lap, this book will speak to your desires to love more generously—and to be open to such love in return. A beautiful weaving of story and scripture, this is Coffey’s poetic prose at its finest.

Mary Stommes, founding editor, Give Us This Day  


Kathy Coffey is the author of 13 award-winning books and many articles in Catholic periodicals including America, U.S. Catholic, St. Anthony Messenger, Catholic Update, Everyday Catholic and National Catholic Reporter. She has won fifteen awards from the Catholic Press Association, the Foley Poetry Award from America magazine, the Independent Publishers Book Award, and the Associated Church Press Award for Editorial Courage.  Kathy has spoken at national conventions such as the L.A. Congress, NCCL, NCEA, NPM, and many diocesan gatherings. She gives retreats and workshops nationally and internationally. She taught for fifteen years at the University of Colorado, Denver, and Regis Jesuit University.  The mother of four, and grandmother of four, she lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is also the author of Grandparenting with Grace and A Project of Love: A Retreat for Couples Based on The Joy of Love, both published by The Pastoral Center. 

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