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Digging for Treasure VBS Theme

Digging for Treasure: Parables Revealed • Listen up! Dig deep! Jesus had a lot to say.‚Äč

And those who listened discovered a treasure in his words. At first, Jesus’ parables seem simple. Of course we know that the type of soil in which seeds are sown is important for plants to grow, but what does that have to do with us? And if someone asked us for food, we wouldn’t be rude and give a stone instead! Or, what if we lost something important to us? Of course we would look high and low and celebrate when it was found. 

It turns out, however, that the parables have a greater meaning beyond what we first see. So come along, listen, and dig deeper for the treasures of the kingdom of heaven!

Digging for Treasure is a Bible and activity-based learning experience with tracks for grades K-5 and preschoolers ages 4-5 (and added options for ages 6-8). It is part of the Growing Up Catholic family.

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