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Conversations about L.I.F.E. Conversations about L.I.F.E. Grade 10 - The Big IF: Infatuation and Friendship

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Conversations about L.I.F.E.
Conversations about L.I.F.E.
Grade 10 - The Big IF: Infatuation and Friendship

A Whole Family Program to Guide Discussions about Loving Relationships & Safe Environment

This once-a-year program gives parents and guardians the tools they need to help their children—from pre-school through high school—to understand and navigate the ever-changing world of relationships. It empowers families to talk about relationships, sex, and sexual abuse in an easy-to-implement, ongoing educational program that addresses critical life issues.


Adolescents who participate in the 10th grade session of the L.I.F.E. program with their parents will:

  • Realize that their dignity as a human person is based their being created in the image of God.
  • Appreciate that each person is a unique human person, unlike no other.
  • Understand that a romantic relationship—a combination of Infatuation and Friendship—can lead toward either Love or Exploitation.
  • Examine three categories of teen-to-teen sexual abuse:
    • one person deliberately uses someone else for sex;
    • both persons choose to participate in promiscuous sexual behavior;
    • the couple “goes too far” in expressing their growing love for one another.
  • Define “Real Love” using the traditional marriage formula: “for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, in joy and in sorrow, till death do us part.”
  • Use the “Real Love” test to decide whether or not to have sex: “If it isn’t real love, DON’T; if it is real love, WAIT.”
  • Pray the “Human Dignity Manifesto” and receive from their parents a blessing and a hug.

The Grade 10 Lesson Package includes the following:

  • 2-page introductory letter and material tutorial
  • 24-page guided lesson plan with classroom adaptation instructions and master copies of all facilitator materials
  • 12-page master Activity Book for duplication
  • 33-slide PowerPoint presentation for in-session guidance
  • 5-page master Parent Follow-Up Packet for duplication and record keeping
  • Credits and references document
  • End User License Agreement
Sold as part of the full curriculum package at this link.

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The Pastoral Center
Written by Dr. Kathie Amidei and Sr. Kieran Sawyer


In the hypersexualized culture created by the sexual revolution, what could be more important that giving parents and teachers the tools to talk with our children about authentic love? No virtue is more countercultural than chastity, no character strength more essential for growing in goodness and closeness to God. God bless Kieran Sawyer and Kathie Amidei for giving us a fresh resource for tackling this crucial challenge.
Thomas Lickona, Ph.D., developmental psychologist, director of SUNY Cortland’s Center for the 4th and 5th Rs, and author of Character Matters and How to Raise Kind Kids


Dr. Kathie Amidei has served for many years as Pastoral Associate at St. Anthony on the Lake Parish in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Before that she was the associate director for Catechesis and Child Ministry for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and served in a number of parishes as primary teacher and director of religious education. She holds a B.S. in Education, an M.A. in Theology, and a Doctorate in Education and Leadership. A national speaker and writer, she offers many presentations and workshops for catechists and catechetical leaders in parishes and dioceses.

Kathie is a wife, mom, and grandmother. She lives with her husband, Jim, in Nashotah, WI. She enjoys being with her family, exploring how people learn, and encouraging growth in faith. Her passion is to help families engage in their journey of faith in meaningful and practical ways and to infuse parish catechetical ministry with effective and relevant programming.

She has written or contributed to: 

  • Forming Families: a Faith Resource on Catholic Identity (OSV, 2019)
  • From Generation to Generation: A Case Study on Factors in Faith Community Impacting Faith Development, (Doctoral Dissertation, 2012)
  • Generations Together: Caring, Praying, Learning, Celebrating and Serving Faithfully (Lifelong Faith Associates, 2013)
  • The Journey: A Guide for Persons, Partners, and Parents (R&R Communications, 2013)

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Sister Kieran Sawyer, SSND, is nationally known for her creative work in youth ministry and catechesis. She is an acclaimed author and lecturer on youth ministry and character formation, with a special focus on chastity education. Over the years she has taught religion at all grade levels in Catholic schools and in religious education programs, and has presented workshops and programs for religion teachers and youth ministers across the country and abroad. Her theological degrees are from Marquette University, St. John’s University in Collegeville, and Catholic University

Sister Kieran was the founder and director of the TYME OUT Youth Center in Stone Bank, Wisconsin, where for many years she directed retreats and character education programs for the teens and pre-teens of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Her current ministry includes promoting family-based chastity education and abuse prevention programs and conducting training workshops for catechists, youth ministers, and L.I.F.E. facilitators. She was honored by the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry as a recipient of the 2006 National Youth Ministry Award.

Sister Kieran is a member of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, Central Pacific Province.

She has written and contributed to many published works, including:

  • LoveEd (Saint Benedict Press, 2018.) A video-discussion series on puberty, sexuality, and pregnancy.  Sister Kieran worked with author Coleen Kelly Mast to create the videos and parent-child discussion materials in this program.
  • Sex and the Teenager: Choices and Decisions (Ave Maria Press, 1990, 1999, 2008), a teachers’ manual and student text on adolescent relationships and sexuality.
  • Confirming Faith (Ave Maria Press, 1980, 1994) Teacher’s manual and student book designed to prepare high school students to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • Youth Ministry Access (Center for Ministry Development, 2009 to present) Lesson plans for middle school and high school youth ministry programs.

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