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Vatican II A Universal Call to Holiness

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Vatican II
A Universal Call to Holiness
$14.41 - $16.11

Here is a collection of papers that were presented at a conference, Vatican II: A Universal Call to Holiness, sponsored by Paulist Press and Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut. Seven of the presentations are based on the seven speeches given by several cardinals at the conclusion of the council on December 8, 1965. The conference was not a critique of the council documents but rather creative ways in which the energy of the council can be marshaled in establishing the agenda and needs of the twenty-first century. The presenters and their topics:


  • Introduction / Anthony J. Ciorra
  • The Future of Vatican II: The Vision of the Council beyond the Narratives / Massimo Faggioli
  • To the Rulers: Reading the Classics to Renew Hope / R. Scott Appleby
  • To Women: If It Wasn't for the Women: Roman Catholic Women and Their Church / Diana L. Hayes
  • To the Poor, the Sick, and the Suffering / Roberto S. Goizueta
  • To Artists: A Reflection / Michael J. Himes
  • To Youth / Sarah L. Heiman, Peter Denio
  • To Workers: Work and the Working Life Fifty Years after the Council / Nancy Dallavalle
  • To Women and Men of Science: Science, Spirituality and Vatican II / John F. Haught
  • Conclusion: Holiness in the Future, Holiness as Future / Michael W. Higgins.
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Length: 172 pages
Paulist Press
ISBN: 9780809147878
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Written by Anthony Ciorra and Michael W Higgins