The Grace of Patience: Discovering the Abundance of Waiting

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Discovering the Abundance of Waiting
The Grace of Patience: Discovering the Abundance of Waiting

“People tell me every day how much they hate waiting. They have tried to be patient. They have tried not to show how anxious and fretful and frustrated they feel about their situation. They have struggled to accept not knowing how long they may be kept waiting; they have done their best to embrace not being in control of the outcome of their waiting; but still, as their waiting drags on, they find it hard to be graceful about it.  After the harrumphing, the sighs. After the sighs, the tears. After the tears, a few more wry smiles. And then, perhaps, the real conversation can begin.”


Having to wait is a fact of life. And depending on what we’re waiting for, the experience can leave us feeling frustrated, anxious, or even fearful. We can’t escape these times of waiting, but in them we can discover the gift and beauty of patience. In this spiritually rich and beautifully written book, Margaret Whipp explores several kinds of waiting and shows how each can become a moment of grace in our lives. She offers helpful activities and exercises to turn these moments of disquiet into prayerful encounters with calm and peace. Patience is not only a virtue; it is a gift, and one ready and waiting to be opened in these pages.

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Written by Margaret Whipp