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Discover the Saints

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Discover the Saints
$6.36 - $7.16
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A perfect gift for your catechists, your families or the children you minister to.

We all want our families to understand the rich spiritual heritage our Saints bring us. 

We created this versatile new book to help everyone discover who saints are, and why they're important to our faith! 31 well-known Saints are featured in this beautiful rich book. With room for prayers and reflection, a child can make their own. This is a lovely way for children to begin picturing and remembering that these saints were once real people too!

Introduce children to the ideas that just like every person is different, every saint is also different. Each saint was an ordinary person with both strengths and weaknesses. Ordinary people become saints by using the gifts and talents God has given them to follow Jesus and to live according to the Gospel.

This versatile resource was created by popular request! Written just for children, yet rich enough to be enjoyed by all ages.

  • Use this in preparation for a Saints festival
  • For those of you who celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation in the elementary years, this is a lovely and readable way to help young ones become familiar with the saints and to select a Saint name, if they so choose
  • Support ongoing formation of young families by placing this in parent folders to help them discover the saints with their children
  • A great and treasured gift for any Sacrament
  • Wonderful for those who are new to the parish, placed in a welcome packet

7 Ways to use Discover the Saints in the parish, Catholic school, and in the home

1. For parishes using a family model for catechesis or who offer tools and resources for the home, this little book on the saints for children would be an engaging way for families to journey with the saints through story, learning, prayer, and an activity.  Make room for parents to have a part in the formation of their children’s faith in this exciting and meaningful way!

2. For parishes and Catholic schools, this little book compliments and extends a lesson by showing the children how the faith is lived through the life and witness of a saint.

3. Discover the Saints offers an introduction to a saint through story, prayer and activity.  Why not introduce a saint each week through the help of this little book?

4. What a great resource to help build up and prepare for the celebration of All Saints Day! 

5. An effective and exciting way to introduce the saints to journey with through a liturgical season, like Lent.  Select the ones whose feast days fall within or whose lives compliment a particular season.

6. Select a saint each month to help in creating: 
• a prayer space within the home or in the classroom
• a mural on the saints within the school or church narthex, or hall
• a saints festival where the children take on role playing and presentations, celebrating some of the saints

7. This book is a terrific gift:
• for children to celebrate their baptismal day or First Communion day
• for families new to the parish or school
• for catechists and teachers to use during lessons and in their classrooms

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Product code: SM5045
Dimensions: 6.57" x 9.92"
Length: 64 pages
Saint Mary's Press
ISBN: 9781641210799
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