On the Way to Work Stories & Reflections on Living as Christians Today

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Stories & Reflections on Living as Christians Today
On the Way to Work

by Vinal van Benthem

5.5 X 8.5" -- 176 pages

Pithy, concrete, and enjoyable reading, these stories and reflections show how to be a people of "the Way"--on the way to work.

How can we make a meaningful connection between Sunday and Monday? This perceptive and challenging book invites us into conversation about this and introduces us to people and situations that can help us make just such connections. Meet the tool-and-die maker whose partners stood by him when he had cancer, even though for them it meant loss of work hours and rising insurance costs. And Meghan the insurance adjuster who helps her customers cut through the red tape and retain their insurance coverage, at the risk of her own job. Ponder what might happen if someone asked Jesus to cheat on a copyright law or participate in illegal work practices.

Consider what difference the presence and action of the Holy Spirit makes in the life of a statesman, a builder, a hospice worker, or a financial planner.

Product code: TT952915
Length: 176 pages
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