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Jesus Wasn't Killed by the Jews Reflections for Christians in Lent

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Jesus Wasn't Killed by the Jews
Reflections for Christians in Lent
$17.60 - $22.00

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Christian and Jewish scholars respond to the role of Gospel texts (particularly Lenten readings) in fostering anti-semitism

The Passion narratives contain painful anti-Semitic tropes--particularly the Gospel of John, which is read world-wide every Holy Week. These readings have been used over the centuries to brand the Jewish people as Christ-killers and to justify discrimination and violence. Here, religious scholars and writers address the historical, theological, and exegetical considerations to be addressed by every Christian in order to move beyond this toxic history.

Contributors include Walter Brueggemann, Mary Boys, Richard Lux, Wes Howard-Brook, Massimo Faggioli, Bishop Richard J. Sklba, Gregg Garret, and Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso.

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Written by Jon M Sweeney