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Faithful Citizen, Faithful Catholic Informing Your Conscience and Your Vote 

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Informing Your Conscience and Your Vote 
Faithful Citizen, Faithful Catholic
$7.40 - $8.33
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As Catholics living in a democratic society, we have a responsibility to inform our conscience and vote. During election years we are inundated with messages from candidates and interest groups urging us to vote for someone or for an issue. Our conscience, our experiences, and the teaching of the Church can help us to cast our votes in a way that will respect the dignity of human life and support the development of the common good. In the pages of this book, you will find an introduction to many of the issues you will have the opportunity to vote on, and guidance in discerning where to cast your vote. Faithful Citizen, Faithful Catholic can support your journey to becoming a faithful citizen and a faithful Catholic.

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: SM1349
Dimensions: 6.33" x 8.73"
Length: 40 pages
Saint Mary's Press
ISBN: 9780884899808
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Edited by Steven McGlaun