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How to Explain Your Faith

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How to Explain Your Faith
$8.96 - $10.51

Why is it that when Christians are asked to explain their faith they are often left speechless? True, there is much about faith that defies description and explanation. Yet John Pritchard thinks we can do better than stunned silence when posed with challenging questions about what it means to have faith in Jesus. In a world that increasingly doubts the need for organized religion, it is important for Christians to have straightforward and respectful answers to questions such as Is Christianity for those who can’t get a life? and What use is a dying God? and What’s the use of praying?. In How to Explain Your Faith, Pritchard helps us explore these challenging questions and many more.

In a style that is simple without being simplistic or sugar-coated, practical without being preachy or pious, Pritchard takes readers to the heart of the matter of Christian faith. He not only helps us articulate a response to challenges from others but helps us personally enter more deeply into the mysteries of Christian faith and the heart of that faith, Jesus Christ.

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: LP3178
Dimensions: 5.375" x 8.25"
Length: 136 pages
Liturgical Press
ISBN: 9780814631782
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Written by John Pritchard


. . . offers insights into Christianity to the Christian believer who wonders or worries about some aspect of our faith that may be puzzling or unclear to the non-theologian. . . . It is recommended.
Catholic Library World
In a style that is simple without being simplistic or sugarcoated, and practical without being preachy, the book takes readers to the heart of the matter of Christian faith.
The Anglican bishop of Jarrow, in England, shares the `approaches' that have helped him respond to challenges to the faith. Each chapter begins with examples of `what they say,' a summary of the `key issues,' a list of answers a Christian can give, useful quotes, and an illuminating story.
Once again, Bishop Pritchard has given us an eminently readable and useful book. By helping us who are Christians to answer the serious questions of others who do not share our Christian conviction, he brings us all to a fresh and living faith in Jesus. This is the proclamation of the Gospel at its best.
The Very Reverend Peter Eaton, Dean of Saint John's Episcopal Cathedral, Denver, Colorado


Right Reverend John Pritchard is the Anglican Bishop of Jarrow, England. He is the author of numerous books, including Living Easter Through the Year and Leading Intercessions, both published by Liturgical Press.