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Experience the Saints

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For whole family and other settings • Downloadable and reproducible • Teach the faith through the lives and examples of the saints

In this series, Phyllis Vos Wezeman brings saints to life in creative ways, helping learners explore their inspiring lives through a variety of learning methods built for Multiple Intelligences.  Separate guides are provided for whole family catechesis settings and general classroom use.

We know that children (and adults!) learn in many different ways, using a combination of learning styles.  This resource draws on research on Multiple Intelligences and offers appropriate exercises, activities, and other lesson ides that fit each of the eight styles:

It utilizes many methods of learning, including architecture, art, banners, creative writing, culinary arts, dance, drama, games, gesture, music, photography, puppetry, storytelling, and textiles.

The resource includes a comprehensive general leader guide with background on the Multiple Intelligences approach, and helpful, comprehensive resources for each activity, including material lists, references, talking points, parent instruction sheets, handouts, and more.

These exercises and activities are easily adaptable and enjoyable from children in primary grades through teens and adults, either in large or small group settings.