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Fall/Advent 2023 Catalog


Two New Resources to Make Eucharist Come Alive

Whether you are preparing children for First Eucharist or want to revive an appreciation for the Eucharist and Mass among all your families, these resources are the perfect solution. Plus, you can use them at the same time, and in the same events!


A Planning Workbook for Today's Church

Accompaniment • Synodality • Discernment • Missionary Discipleship • Evangelization

Eight group exercises for your parish leadership, with introductory videos and content, excellent discussion questions, and everything you need to move toward a pastoral plan embracing the key concepts.


Eucharistic Revival

Tools for Eucharistic Revival

Start with our FREE Planning for Eucharistic Revival Toolkit, then explore more resources to go deeper.

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Revival Tools for Kids & Families

Help parents to teach their children about the Eucharist and the Mass.

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Pastoral Resources for Revival

Creative tools to engage people of all ages: parish sessions, a Mass script, retreats, and gift books.

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Advent & Christmas

For Kids & Families

Family event kits, booklets, books, and more!

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Downloadable eResources

Practical pastoral tools for every ministry: retreat kits, handouts, family events.

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Day-by-Day Booklets

Great selection on affordable, bulk-priced booklets.

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Church-wide Campaigns


Tools to help as the church listens and gathers. Start with our FREE synodality toolkit!

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2023 Vatican II Study

Pope Francis is asking us to study the Second Vatican Council during 2023 in preparation Holy Year 2025.

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Fratelli Tutti

Tools to break open Pope Francis' new encyclical on fraternity & social friendship.

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Whole Community & Family Catechesis

Form your whole parish and coach parents to share faith with their children. Use our effective tools for in-parish and at-home use.

Vacation Bible School

A great way to attract families! Four fun, affordable, and simple themes, including our new theme on the core discipleship message to love our neighbors.

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Growing Up Catholic
Faith Stories

15 Family Sessions x 3 Years

An interactive, story-based curriculum for home & parish use.

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Growing Up Catholic Faith Activities Series

Hundreds of creative, short, faith-filled, catechetical activities.

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Fashioning Faith

Huge Resource Archive

A subscription service with thousands of tools for child, family, parent, youth, adult, and intergenerational use.

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Growing Up Catholic
Sacramental Preparation

A Parent-Centered Process

Handouts guide parents step-by-step to prepare their own children for the sacraments.

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Planning for Family Catechesis

Understand the importance of taking a whole family approach and principles for making it effective.

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Creation Care & Laudato Si'

Tools for Children & Families

Help children embrace Pope Francis' call to care for our common home through music, crafts, Bible skits, games, and much more.

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Adult Resources

A variety of tools, from week-by-week eResources to books.

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Leader Resources

Video courses, session kits, and other tools for bringing creation care to your community.

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2023 Liturgical Year A

Week-by-Week Reproducible eResources

Bulletin inserts, parent handouts, catechetical tools, cartoons, and more—all at a bargain!

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Commentary & Reflections

Gain insights on the readings for planning, preaching, or personal reflection.

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Pastoral Tools for Everyone

Liturgical calendars, missals, small group processes. Resources for children, families, youth, and adults.

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Featured Ministries

Eucharistic Visitors

Best practices for starting and sustaining ministry to the sick and homebound.

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Remembering Fr. David Knight

Get inspired by bestselling author and spiritual writer Fr. David M. Knight, who passed away in 2021.

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Healing, Grief, & Pastoral Care

Resources to help you minister to those struggling with illness, bereavement, miscarriage, and more...

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Adult Formation

The Catholic Way

Believe+Pray+Live • Sessions & Handouts

For RCIA, adult formation, confirmation, and more...

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Small Group Resources

Books & Videos for Faithsharing

Reflect on Scripture and daily life, while gathering in community.

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Handouts & Bulletin Inserts

Simple but Powerful

Help your people reflect on their faith more deeply, one page at a time.

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Follow Pope Francis' Lead, and Accompany Your People

Welcome & Hospitality

Get ready for your Christmas visitors, starting with our free parish leader kit.

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Tools for Accompaniment

Embrace Pope Francis' vision to become the kind of parish the world needs today.

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Leadership & Planning Tools

Find some fresh resources to help you guide your leaders and the parish as a whole.

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