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Worship Music A Concise Dictionary

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Worship Music
A Concise Dictionary
$14.07 - $16.88

The history of Western music is intimately tied to the worship of Christians and Jews. It was the Church and synagogue that provided the context for the development of Gregorian chant, the motet, the cantana, and virtually every important theorist, composer, and performer from Ambrose to Zwingli. Worship Music provides concise information on the people, terms, places, and elements of this worship.

Ecumenical in scope and cross-cultural in its perspective, Worship Music focuses on the worship music of English-speaking North Americans. Its over 2,500 entries range across every major denomination within Western Christianity, the Byzantine/Slav tradition, and Judaism.

Over 60 contributors represent the traditions addressed in the dictionary, providing authenticity in representing the tradition and an insider's perspective on contemporary practices. The dictionary is shaped through the lens of "ritual music which focuses on the function of music in worship (or asks the question of the function of music in worship. It includes brief descriptions, histories, and explanations of musical-liturgical terms and personnel. Bibliographies and extensive cross-referencing can be found throughout the volume.

Designed not just for pastoral musicians but all musicians—amateurs, students and professionals—as well as liturgists, Worship Music is an indispensable guide to the musical aspects of worship.

Contributors include:

  • Allen Barthel
  • James Brauer
  • Michael Driscoll
  • Rosemary Dubowchik
  • John Foley
  • Virgil Funk
  • Victor Gebauer
  • Fred Graham
  • Joan Halmo
  • Robert Hawkins
  • Lawrence Heiman
  • Paul Jacobson
  • Martin Jean
  • Michael Joncas
  • Columba Kelly
  • Martha Kirk
  • James Kosnik
  • Robin Leaver
  • Austin Lovelace
  • Mary McGann
  • Nathan Mitchell
  • Fred Moleck
  • Charles Pottie
  • Todd Ridder
  • Anthony Ruff
  • Carl Schalk
  • Rebecca Slough
  • Gordon Truitt
  • J. Kevin Waters
  • John Weaver
  • Paul Westermeyer
  • Carlton Young
Format: Hardcover book
Product code: LP5889
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Length: 352 pages
Liturgical Press
ISBN: 9780814658895
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Edited by Edward Foley
Written by Mark Bangert, Melva Wilson Costen, Carol Doran, Mark Kligman, David Petras, and Rebecca Slough


Entries are authoritative and to the point.
Currents in Theology and Mission
From AAM to Zwingli, this dictionary is concise in its definitions and explanation, but quite thorough in its range of topics. Particularly refreshing to find are numerous references to documents and persons involved in the post-Vatican II liturgical music generation in the United States. Much information regarding the Jewish and Eastern Christian traditions is presented as well. For liturgical musicians, this is a particularly welcome and handy resource for the reference shelf. It's also a procrastinator's dream come true, since its entries are generously cross-referenced, enabling easy hours of wandering through the historical content of sacred music. Most highly recommended!
AIM: Aids in Ministry
. . . the volume as a whole is outstanding both for choice of entries and for the information provided. Highly recommended.
The American Organist
Concise, yet comprehensive, this dictionary is easy to use, thanks to abundant cross references and selective bibliographies. It deserves a place in libraries, churches, synagogues and homes.
Carol A. Pemberton, Editor, The Hymn
. . . it should be in every church musician's library.
Brock W. Downward, President, Presbyterian Association of Musicians
Having this volume in one's library provides the user quick and basic information about many topics, terms, and persons related to the practice and study of church music.


Edward Foley, Capuchin, is professor of liturgy and music at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He is the author of numerous books including Foundations of Christian Music and Music and the Eucharistic Prayer from the American Essays in Liturgy series for which he is the editor.