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Who Is My Neighbor? VBS Theme Downloadable Starter Kit

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Available November 1
Who Is My Neighbor? VBS Theme
Downloadable Starter Kit
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Purchase this for access to downloadable electronic files. All items are reproducible except as noted. It includes the following:

Leader guides

  • Director Guide
  • Worship & Drama Guide
  • Active Response Guide (Games)
  • Bible Response Guide
  • Creative Response Guide
  • Early Childhood Leader Guide (preschool track)

Music (only for use within VBS; CDs/MP3 download cards for families sold separately)

  • Sing-along music videos (streaming and download)
  • MP3 song files
  • Powerpoint Song Lyrics
  • Songbook (lyrics, scores, motions)

Marketing and promotional

  • Invitation poster
  • Invitation postcards
  • Logo artwork (use to create your own t-shirts or documents)

Child booklet previews (with watermark - not reproducible)

  • My Books of Stories (for early childhood)
  • Guide Book (for grades 1-5)


  • Send-Home Parent Engagement Letters (English & Spanish)
  • Many creative suggestions and ideas on the VBS Pinterest board.
  • Reproducible tools: certificates of participation, registration forms, leader assignment cards, name tags, thank you notes, and much more.

This program is a collaboration between The Pastoral Center and MennoMedia. Adapted and reprinted with permission from Who Is My Neighbor. © 2019 MennoMedia, Inc., Harrisonburg, VA 22803. All rights reserved.

This is a downloadable, reproducible product with some restrictions. Please read the full license terms below.

Product License

Your License. You are allowed to make unlimited copies of this eResource for use within your own VBS, with the exception of the music and child booklets. If you wish to send the music home with your families, you must purchase bulk-priced CDs from us for that purpose. Booklets are sold only in print. If you serve more than one VBS, each should purchase its own license. You may not post our eResources to any web site (without explicit permission to do so). Thank you for cooperating with our honor system regarding our eResource licenses.

Format: eResource
Product code: VBS601
The Pastoral Center & MennoMedia