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When God Was a Little Girl

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When God Was a Little Girl
$19.16 - $21.56
A Story about God, Creation, and What It Means to Be Human
A Powerful Message of Love for All God's Children

Tell me a story, Daddy...about when God was a little girl.”

Susanna’s playful request begins a whimsically profound tale woven between father and daughter. This imaginative retelling of creation sparkles with joy, its words and images offering gentle wisdom and genuine insight. You may never think about God, creation, or yourself in quite the same way.This tale sparkles with the exuberant joy of God’s creative energy revealed through the metaphor of a little girl doing an art project—an explosion of color and shapes, glue and glitter. Girls, whose outer appearance varies in age and culture throughout the book, mirror the uncontainable Love with which God sang the world into being.Between the gentle wisdom of the simple, engaging text and the beautiful paintings that accompany it, this is the perfect gift for the little girl—or boy—on your Christmas or birthday list.

Winner of the 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award:Gold Medal, Religion/Spirituality
Winner of the 2014 Nautilus Books Award:Silver Medal Medal, Children’s Picture Book



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Format: Hardcover book
Product code: AP7180
Dimensions: 8.6" x 11.4"
Length: 32 pages
ACTA Publications
ISBN: 9781592989553
1-2 copies $21.56 each
3-5 copies $20.36 each
6+ copies $19.16 each
Written by David R. Wiess and Joan Hernandez Lindeman


A remarkable book: a beautiful declaration of love and faith. Our daughters—and our world—desperately need the Divine Feminine now.
Tristsa Hendren, author of The Girl God, Mother Earth, and Tell Me Why
This richly colorful book is insightful and creative, with a powerful message of love for all God’s children.
Marilyn McFarlane, author of Sacred Stories: Wisdom from World Religions.
I love this book! For me it’s truly a ‘God-sighting,’ a beautifully drawn, winsomely told tale that invites us into deeper relationship with the Divine.
Mary Hess, Professor of Educational Leadership, Luther Seminary
A joyous invitation to all children to see in their own creative energy and unique identity the very image of God.
Pr. Heidi Neumark, author of Breathing Space: A Spiritual Journey in the South Bronx


DAVID R. WEISS, a freelance theologian with two graduate degrees in theology, thinks about God all the time. Whether as a father, grandfather, college instructor, or Sunday school teacher, poet, or writer, he tries to imagine God in ways that are helpful and hopeful. He and his wife, Margaret, live in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with their blended family of five children, seven grandchildren, and a menagerie that includes dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, fish, and even worms. Their home, like their life, is fairly cluttered with joy.

JOAN HERNANDEZ LINDEMAN’s roots in rural Minnesota and her connection with God in creation have nourished and enlightened her drawing, writing, and painting. She paints and exhibits her work in Lowertown Saint Paul, Minnesota, and specializes in reading instruction at an elementary school in Rochester, Minnesota. Her family and friends are her daily inspiration.