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Cuando Dios era una Niña Pequeña When God Was a Little Girl in Spanish

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When God Was a Little Girl in Spanish
Cuando Dios era una Niña Pequeña
$15.96 - $17.96

“Tell me a story, Daddy … about when God was a little girl.” Susanna’s playful request begins a whimsically profound tale woven between father and daughter. Together they retell the familiar story of creation, but with unexpected twists and insightful turns along the way. The exuberant joy of God’s creative energy sparkles in this tale that honors both interconnection and diversity. Between the gentle wisdom in the text and the beautiful paintings that accompany it, you may never think about God, creation, or yourself in quite the same way.

Format: Hardcover book
Product code: AP1173
Dimensions: 8.6" x 11.4"
Length: 32 pages
ACTA Publications
ISBN: 9780879466619
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Written by David Weiss


A remarkable book: a beautiful declaration of love and faith. Our daughters—and our world—desperately need the Divine Feminine now.
Trista Hendren, author of The Girl God, Mother Earth, and Tell Me Why
This beautiful book will change the way future generations see themselves, their God, and their world.
Monette Chilson, author of Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga
This richly colorful book is insightful and creative, with a powerful message of love for all God’s children.
Marilyn McFarlane, author of Sacred Stories: Wisdom from World Religions
I love this book! For me it’s truly a ‘God-sighting,’ a beautifully drawn, winsomely told tale that invites us into deeper relationship with the Divine.
Mary Hess, professor of educational leadership, Luther Seminary
A joyous invitation to all children to see in their own creative energy and unique identity the very image of God.
Pr. Heidi Neumark, author of Breathing Space: A Spiritual Journey in the South Bronx
I was delighted to receive this book. And the more I read in it, the more I was delighted. David Weiss has a great gift for story-telling that is funded by imagination. He knows very well that kids do not need explanations. What they crave is imaginative companionship in truth-telling. This book is just such an imaginative companion. I love that it ends with the ‘sleeping bundle of trust.’ What could be better? Warmly recommended!
Walter Brueggemann, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary
This book is brilliant in every sense — theologically and artistically! David and Joan have created magical pages that sparkle with sacred truths too deep for words. I nodded and giggled (!) and my heart sang out with the turn of each page. I can’t thank you enough. I’ll be ordering it for every parent of every little girl (and boy) I know.
Carter Heyward, Professor of Theology at Episcopal Divinity School