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Walking with Jesus this Lent Walking with Jesus This Lent Children's Event Kit

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Walking with Jesus this Lent
Walking with Jesus This Lent
Children's Event Kit

The Walking with Jesus This Lent collection of resources offers an engaging week-by-week focus based on the Scripture readings from Year B (but appropriate for every year). Find all four resources, as well as the discount bundle at this link.

Spiritual writers often discuss Lent as a journey with Easter as the destination. Spiritual practices such as Stations of the Cross are also journey-oriented. This resource proposes a Gospel journey through Lent which can be divided into seven meaningful steps that disciples are called to walk with Jesus.

Each step has a distinctive character, but they are all woven together by the thread of the Lenten theme of transformation. All disciples are welcomed to begin wherever they are on Ash Wednesday. The journey does not begin with judgment; rather, it begins with your life exactly as it is at this moment. We are all sinners in need of Gospel transformation. It doesn’t matter what kind of sinner you are; it only matters that you are willing to move from where you are to a place that is closer to God. Then we are called to walk through the seven steps and be transformed into something new by Palm Sunday.

This extended Lenten retreat is a prelude to the central truth of Christianity: the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus celebrated in the Triduum that immediately follows Lent. The walk with Jesus during Lent sets us up to celebrate our transformation as we sing glory to God for the transformation that happened to Jesus on the first Easter Sunday.

  • Ash Wednesday: The Humble Step (Mt 6:1-6, 16-18)
  • First Sunday of Lent: The Deserted Step (Mark 1:12-15)
  • Second Sunday of Lent: The Connected Step (Mark 9:2-10)
  • Third Sunday of Lent: The Zealous Step (John 2:13-25)
  • Fourth Sunday of Lent: The Healing Step (John 3:14-21)
  • Fifth Sunday of Lent: The Dying Step (John 12:20-33)
  • Palm Sunday: The Victory Step (Mark 11:1-10)

Children's Event Kit: "Step It Up"

This event kit is designed to help kids “step it up” – the living of our faith – during the season of Lent by focusing on a key challenge found in the Gospel readings of each week. Use it for either in-person or virtual events.

These learning activities may be used as a whole catechetical session for children, or may be better suited as weekly additions to children’s catechesis. Each activity fits with a week of Lent. In essence, they may be used as an overview to Lent or as a weekly introduction to Lent as you journey through it with the children.


  • General Walking with Jesus This Lent facilitator background (11 pages)
  • Leader Guide (11 pages)
  • Visuals for each week, in Powerpoint and PDF format (11 pages)
  • Send-home family activities (1 page each)
    • Websites for Further Learning
    • Lenten Games
    • Learning through Movies
    • Table Prayers
  • Logo for advertising/promotion
  • Sending Faith Home: A Guide for Hosting Virtual Events

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The Pastoral Center / Center for Ministry Development
Written by Mariette Martineau


Mariette Martineau has been involved in youth ministry in Canada at the parish, diocesan, regional, and national levels for over 20 years and a former full-time staff member of the Center for Ministry Development. Author of the book, Prepare, Celebrate, Live, Mariette is a regular columnist with Creative Catechist and Our Sunday Visitor's Catechetical Enews. Married with three children, Mariette has spent her life spreading the Good News through writing and training in the areas of children, youth, family, and intergenerational catechesis.

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