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Time to Pray! Seasonal Prayer Services for Middle Grades

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Available March 10, 2022.
Time to Pray!
Seasonal Prayer Services for Middle Grades

Encourages Active Participation • For Use Year After Year • Scripture-Based • Features Saints' Days & Liturgical Seasons

One of the most important things we do for our students is to teach them how to pray. But our efforts are often hampered by the constraints of time and our own feelings of inadequacy. That's why Time to Pray! is such a welcome resource for both volunteer catechists and Catholic school teachers.

Time to Pray! features thirty simple prayer services for use throughout the year, each focusing on a saint's day, a liturgical season, a time in the school year, or a particular need.

Using the building blocks of the liturgy, each service includes scripture readings, prayers, petitions, litanies, responses, and much more. Each also contains an optional activity that students can complete beforehand and incorporate into the service.

Designed especially with students in grades three to six in mind, these prayer services can be adapted for use with other ages as well. They are also perfect for lectionary-based programs, family formation sessions, sacramental preparation meetings, and vacation bible schools. There is even a service for reconciliation and for the new Mysteries of Light decades of the rosary. The services encourage everyone to participate, helping students become more comfortable praying together.

Time to Pray! includes everything teachers need for each service—even the copyright permission to duplicate. The prayer services are formatted on standard letter-sized pages, with the text in sight lines for easy proclamation by both children and adult leaders.

Here at last is a resource you don't need to replace each year, a book you will return to time and again!

This is a new, updated edition of a book originally published by Ave Maria Press as ISBN 9781594710201.

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The Pastoral Center
Written by Patricia Mathson


Patricia Mathson was Director of Religious Education at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Des Moines, Iowa and holds a Master's Degree in Religious Education from the University of Dallas. She contributed to the popular Celebrating Saint column for Catechist magazine and is the author of numerous resource books for religious educators, including Faith Activities on Service and Time to Pray.

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