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Praying by Number series Praying by Number - Volume 1 20 Creative Prayer Lessons & Activities

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20 Creative Prayer Lessons & Activities
Praying by Number series
Praying by Number - Volume 1

Also available: Praying by Number - Volume 2

This focused, fun, faith-filled guide to teaching prayer opens the door to creative techniques that can be used for intergenerational sessions and other classroom settings. The lessons are concrete and practical, centering around activities designed to bring out a particular prayer theme.

Activities include drama, dance, games, music, storytelling, and art to shape a stimulating environment in which to bring prayer alive. This valuable resource is a simple and direct method for teaching both children and adults how to talk with God.

  • Overview
  • 1. God
  • 2. Prayer Partners
  • 3. Trinity
  • 4. Parts of Prayer
  • 5. Senses
  • 6. Jars of Water
  • 7. Gifts of the Spirit
  • 8. Beatitudes
  • 9. Fruit of the Spirit
  • 10. Commandments
  • 11. The Lord’s Prayer
  • 12. The Apostles’ Creed
  • 13. Disciples
  • 14. Works of Mercy
  • 15. Stations of the Cross
  • 16. Old Testament Prophets
  • 17. Saint Patrick’s Prayers
  • 18. The Pharisee and the Publican
  • 19. Gospels
  • 20. Fingers and Toes

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Format: Paperback + eResource
Product code: PW1110
Dimensions: 8½" x 11"
Length: 72 pages
The Pastoral Center
Written by Phyllis Vos Wezeman


This resource is a gift to any teacher preparing to tell the Good News! Traditional theology is presented in a contemporary fashion, scripture plays a central role in each chapter, and the subject matter can be easily adapted for children of a variety of age levels and still keep the heart of the lesson. The materials listed for each chapter are simple and easy to prepare. An invitation to prayer, an opportunity to pray, a realization that prayer can be part of our daily experience—that is what Phyllis offers us.
Sr. Luke Dworschak, O.P.
Can prayer really be taught? Is it just the gift that some spiritual giants somehow have? This book gives the kind of practical, yet imaginatively spiritual help to move into exploring one’s conversation with God. I suspect that many of us who are no longer technically ‘children’ have much to learn from it. The lessons are practical and yet imaginative. I think it would be great fun to go through these lessons. If you are not a ‘teacher,’ then borrow some children (perhaps grandchildren on a visit or godchildren) and join them in learning exciting things about prayer.
Sr. Marie Bernadette & Mrs. Deborah Ann Crimi, Catholic Grade School Teachers, Ridgewood, NY
This resource gives us practical, hands-on activities to use with children and young people in congregations and homes. Phyllis Wezeman furnishes teachers, parents, and worship leaders with choices for experiential learning in the area of prayer. Prayer is vital to the Christian life, something that is best learned through actual doing. Wezeman has created imaginative ways to enhance the "learning to pray" process. In clear, concise language, she lays out the goals, needed materials, and explanations for carrying out twenty lessons that use the numbers one to twenty as the organizing points.
Helene G. Zwyghuizen; Consultant, Children in Worship; Author, Leading Children in Worship


As a religious educator, PHYLLIS VOS WEZEMAN has served as Director of Christian Nurture at a downtown congregation in South Bend, Indiana; Executive Director of the Parish Resource Center of Michiana; and Program Coordinator for ecumenical as well as interfaith organizations in Indiana and Michigan.

In academics, Phyllis has been Adjunct Faculty in the Education Department at Indiana University South Bend and in the Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. She is an "Honorary Professor" of the Saint Petersburg (Russia) State University of Pedagogical Art where she has taught methods courses for extended periods on several occasions. She has also been guest lecturer at the Shanghai Teachers College in China.

As founder of the not-for-profit Malawi Matters, Inc., she develops and directs HIV & AIDS Education programs with thousands of volunteers in 200 villages and more than 1,500 schools in Malawi, Africa including “Creative Methods of HIV & AIDS Education,” “Culture & HIV-AIDS,” and “Equipping Women/ Empowering Girls.”

Author or co-author of over 2,000 articles and books, she has written for over 80 publishers.

Phyllis served as President of Active Learning Associates, Inc.; a consultant or board member to numerous local and national organizations such as the American Bible Society, Church World Service, LOGOS, and the Peace Child Foundation; leader of a six- week youth exchange program to Russia and Ukraine; and Project Director for four Lilley Worship Renewal grants. She is the recipient of three “Distinguished Alumni Awards," the Aggiornamento Award from the Catholic Library Association, and the 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (APCE).

Wezeman holds undergraduate degrees in Business, Communications, and General Studies from various institutions and an MS in Education from Indiana University South Bend.

Phyllis and her husband Ken (who met when they were in second and third grade in elementary school) have three children and their spouses, Stephanie (Jeff), David, and Paul (Deha); five grandchildren, Quin, Ayle, Lief, Ashley, and Jacob; and two great-grandsons, Maddox and Troy.

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