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The Twelve Unbreakable Principles of Parenting Except When Necessary

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Except When Necessary
The Twelve Unbreakable Principles of Parenting

Everyone knows that good parenting requires the strict and constant use of rules that can never, ever be broken — except when necessary, of course.The Twelve Unbreakable Principles of Parenting was inspired by the problems encountered by author Ann Lang O'Connor when deciding how best to raise her children with a strong faith foundation. In her attempt to find a sense of direction, she developed twelve core principles to provide a systematic way to make decisions on tough issues and day-to-day questions.She writes in her introduction, "I determined that, out of the thousands of things that I could choose to focus on as a parent, these were the principles on which I wanted to center my energy and attention, so I could let all of the rest go without regret."The twelve principles are:

  • The Acceptance Principle
  • The God Principle
  • The Structure Principle
  • The Home Principle
  • The Community Principle
  • The Responsibility Principle
  • The Earth Principle
  • The Reading Principle
  • The Art Principle
  • The Forgiveness Principle
  • The "Yes" Principle
  • The Humor Principle

ANN LANG O'CONNOR is a freelance writer, bookbinder and paper artist. She works the "twelve unbreakable principles" in Chicago with her husband and three children.

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Written by Ann Lang O'Connor