Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits . . . That Teach Serious Stuff The Sequel 

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The Sequel 
Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits . . . That Teach Serious Stuff

Lights! Scriptures! Action!

Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits engages young people in an active form of learning that is hard to beat. It achieves MLP (maximum learning potential) through FLP (full laugh potential). And the skits are so off-the-wall that involving everybody in a group is easy.

Each of 10 sessions uses an intentional three-act process to help young people explore the Scriptures and apply them to their lives today: grabbing young people's attention through an outrageous and spontaneous Scripture skit, leading them to deeper insight through the historical context and meaning of the story's key elements, and helping them apply the story's meaning to their lives.

The sessions are perfect for religious education classes, youth groups, campus ministry events, retreats, lock-ins, and intergenerational and family programs. Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits are just that: ready to go, using few props and lines that can be read in a moment's notice.

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Format: Spiral
Product code: SM3438
Dimensions: 8.56" x 10.96"
Length: 112 pages
Saint Mary's Press
ISBN: 978-0-88489-896-2
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Written by Michael Theisen


I tell everyone who asks where I get ideas for skits and games to order the Ready-to-Go series from Saint Mary's Press and they won't regret it. The kids love it! I love it because they have fun while learning!
Diann M. Chase
Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits is a serious resource for making learning fun. Theisen's formula and creative approach to learning make this a useful tool in the teaching of Scripture to teens and young adults in youth groups, campus ministry, retreats, lock-ins, and intergenerational family programs.
Catholic Library World, March, 2006