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Fun Bible Skits 1 Ready-to-Go Scripts & Activities

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Ready-to-Go Scripts & Activities
Fun Bible Skits 1

Twenty-four ready-to-go reproducible scripts bring Bible stories to life. Tips for discussion and creative activities provide flexible options for children's clubs, midweek sessions, retreats, camp, Sunday school, worship or other church settings.

Old Testament

  • Genesis 2:15-25—God Cares for Adam and Eve 
  • Genesis 6–7—God Cares for Noah and the Animals 
  • Genesis 12:1-5—God Cares for Abraham and Sarah 
  • Exodus 2:1-10—God Cares for Baby Moses 
  • Exodus 14—God Cares for the Israelites in Danger 
  • 1 Samuel 1—God Cares for Hannah 
  • 1 Kings 17:7-16—God Cares for a Widow and Her Son 
  • 2 Kings 5:1-19—God Cares for Naaman 
  • Daniel 6—God Cares for Daniel 
  • Jonah—God Cares for Sinners 

New Testament

  • Matthew 14:22-33—Jesus Walks on the Water 
  • Mark 10:13-16—Jesus Wants Children to Come to Him 
  • Luke 2:1-20—A Surprise in the Stable 
  • Luke 2:41-52—The Boy Jesus in the Temple 
  • Luke 5:27-32—Jesus Calls Levi (Matthew) 
  • Luke 10:25-37—Jesus Tells the Story of the Good Samaritan 
  • Luke 10:38-42—Jesus Visits Martha and Mary 
  • Luke 13:10-17—Jesus Heals a Crippled Woman 
  • Luke 15:11-32—Jesus Tells the Story of the Prodigal Son 
  • Luke 22:14-27—Jesus Eats the Passover Supper with His Disciples 
  • Luke 23:23-43; Mark 15:40-41—Jesus Dies on the Cross 
  • John 6:1-15—Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand 
  • Acts 3:1–4:1—Peter and John Heal a Crippled Man 
  • Acts 4:1-22—Peter and John Are Arrested for Preaching About Jesus 

Formerly available in print as MM9322 / 9780836193220.

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Format: eResource
Product code: MM80319
Dimensions: 8½" x 11"
Length: 88 pages
MennoMedia / Herald Press
ISBN: 9781513803197
Written by David M. Morrow