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Parent Sessions

Do parents in your parish drop off their kids at faith formation class and run? Why is this our model when the parents are the ones we most need to form?

The church consistently professes that parents are the primary educators of their own children.  They're the ones who will make the biggest difference on whether faith is truly passed on to their children or not.  But many parents don't have the motivation, formation, or confidence to do so.

We need to coach parents to help them understand how to share their faith with their children and let them see how being Catholic makes a difference in the way they parent.  We especially need to help them with today's challenging family issues, such as finding the right balance in technology use, protecting family meals, and helping children grow into compassionate adults.  

The tools below will help you gather your parents while their children are in faith formation classes so they can be informed, thoughtfully reflect, share their wisdom with each other, and form community with other parents.