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Light of Faith - Journal of Good News A Perfect Ministry Gift!

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Light of Faith - Journal of Good News
A Perfect Ministry Gift!
79¢ - $2.75
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A perfect gift for parish ministers, RCIA catechumens/candidates, Confirmation candidates, parents, graduates, young adults, and more!

This undated spiritual journal includes Scripture, reflections, meditations, prayers, graphics, and journaling space. All purchases come with a free short prayer service for liturgical distribution.

This simple prayer journal is filled with thoughts and brief reflections about faith journeys of those who have gone before. Each page has words of wisdom, quotes from scripture, philosophers, poets, and ordinary people. This spiritual diary can be use for meditations, reflections, and prayer.

Original black-line graphics and drawings, based on the light of faith theme, encourage users to write prayerful reflections of their own. Using the prayer journal, one is enriched by the insights of others, and given an opportunity to surface their own thoughts, prayers and hopes, as one continues on his/her personal journey of faith.

This popular little prayer journal is in its fifth printing. It is a wonderful spiritual diary for young and old. It makes a great Christmas, birthday, RCIA, or special occasion gift.

Product Preview

Format: Book
Product code: PC11
Dimensions: 5½" x 8½"
Length: 64 pages
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Written by Hugh Lenihan and Arlene Wrigley Murphy