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Lent and Easter Reflections for the Younger Crowd

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Lent and Easter Reflections for the Younger Crowd
$12.71 - $14.95

Meditations using ordinary language and everyday experience to assist young people in developing a pattern of prayer, reflection, and daily meditation.

  • Introduction and Suggestions for Using This Guide
  • Part I. Sundays and Special Days
    • 1. Sundays of Lent
      • First Sunday of Lent
      • Second Sunday of Lent
      • Third Sunday of Lent
      • Fourth Sunday of Lent
      • Fifth Sunday of Lent
      • Passion Sunday (Palm Sunday)
    • 2. The Triduum (Three Days of Prayer) and Easter Sunday
      • The Lord's Supper (Holy Thursday)
      • Good Friday
      • Easter Vigil
      • Easter Sunday
    • 3. Sundays of the Easter Season
      • Second Sunday of Easter
      • Third Sunday of Easter
      • Fourth Sunday of Easter
      • Fifth Sunday of Easter
      • Sixth Sunday of Easter
      • Seventh Sunday of Easter
    • 4. End of the Easter Season
      • Ascension of the Lord (Ascension Thursday)
      • Pentecost Sunday
  • Part II. Weekdays of Lent and the Easter Season
    • 5. Weekdays of Lent
      • Ash Wednesday and the Days Following
      • First Week of Lent
      • Second Week of Lent
      • Third Week of Lent
      • Fourth Week of Lent
      • Fifth Week of Lent
      • Holy Week
    • 6. Weekdays of the Easter Season
      • First Week of Easter
      • Second Week of Easter
      • Third Week of Easter
      • Fourth Week of Easter
      • Fifth Week of Easter
      • Sixth Week of Easter
      • Seventh Week of Easter.

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Length: 160 pages
Paulist Press
ISBN: 9780809146338
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Written by John Behnke, CSP