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LearningCycles series All 24 LearningCycles Topics

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LearningCycles series
All 24 LearningCycles Topics

The LearningCycles series offers a creative approach to faith formation based on different learning styles, appropriate for K-5th graders.  Each LearningCycles unit generally includes seven workshops: Art, Story & Games, Drama & Activity, Music, Kitchen, Movie, and Publishing.  This series works well for whole family/intergenerational catechesis and is a great basis for grandparent camps or other vacation bible schools.

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Advent and Lent 

  • Be Alert, Shepherds! Advent - LR107
  • Emmanuel: God with Us - LR201
  • A Voice Crying in the Wilderness: John the Baptist - LR211 
  • Stations of the Crèche: An Advent Journey of Hope - LR202
  • The Way of the Cross: The Passion - LR111
  • This Is My Body: The Last Supper & Eucharist - LR112  

Old Testament  

  • Let There Be Light: Cultivating Gratitude & Care for Creation - LR203 
  • The Moses Chronicle: The Exodus Story - LR204
  • The Prophet & the Potter: Jeremiah - LR205 
  • The Boy who Listened to God: Samuel - LR206
  • Before Judge Judy: Deborah, Samson & Gideon - LR207
  • The Boy Who Would Be King: David - LR208 
  • The Queen Who Saved Her People: Esther - LR209

New Testament  

  • When Jesus Was a Child: How Jesus Grew Up - LR210 
  • A Voice Crying in the Wilderness: John the Baptist - LR211 
  • The Beatitudes: The Sermon on the Mount - LR212 
  • The Good Shepherd - LR213 
  • The Miracles of Jesus - LR214 
  • This Is My Body: The Last Supper & Eucharist - LR112 
  • Twelve who Changed the World: The Disciples - LR215 

Other Topics  

  • All About the Bible - LR216 
  • Baptism: Marked as Christ's Own Forever - LR217
  • The Body of Christ: Using Our Gifts for the Good of the Church - LR218 
  • Enough for Everyone: Worldwide Poverty - LR219
  • 101 Ways to Pray: Pray without Ceasing - LR220
  • What Makes My Parish Special: Teaching about Your Local Church - LR221

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