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La Biblia Introducción a la Sagrada Escritura

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La Biblia
Introducción a la Sagrada Escritura
$5.21 - $6.11

Love for the Bible is at the heart of Hispanic Catholicism. This basic introduction teaches lay ministers and other interested Catholics how to interpret the Bible as the Church does and to appreciate the role of the Holy Spirit who animates the Word in our everyday lives. Rev. Rafael M. Ramirez—a scripture scholar at the University of Dallas and popular speaker throughout the United States—shows how the loving self-communication of God in scripture can be interpreted and applied to our lives in powerful ways.

La Biblia: Introducción a la Sagrada Escritura offers Hispanic Catholics a foundation for understanding the Bible and praying with it in harmony with the traditions of the Church. By approaching the Bible as loving communication—as encouraged in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and in recent statements by Popes Benedict XVI and Francis—the book’s three-part structure helps us understand how the Word of God has passed through three great stages in salvation history:

  • the Revealed Word—God reveals himself in words and deeds
  • the Inspired Word—the Bible is the Word of God because it is inspired by the Holy Spirit
  • the Interpreted Word—the Church interprets the Word

In La Biblia, you will learn the difference between a Catholic approach and a literalist or fundamentalist approach to reading and understanding the Bible. You will come away with the realization that the scriptures have been shared and interpreted by the Church since the beginning, helping us to understand our faith as we strive to live it today. This concise book will help you appreciate that scripture is, and always has been, present in the Church and that the Bible belongs to the whole Church. It is a living reality that resonates with ordinary people today as it did twenty centuries ago.

The book is available only in Spanish.

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Format: PaperbackJuan RendonDirector of Diaconal FormationDiocese of Fort Worth 
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Length: 112 pages
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ISBN: 9781594718656
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Written by Rafael M. Ramírez


“This book is a good resource for all those who wish to have a basic foundation to approach the Word of God and read it in the light of the same Holy Spirit who inspired the sacred authors.”
Andrés Arango, Author of Renovación carismática Católica
“Fr. Rafael Ramírez gives us a wonderful resource for an introductory study of sacred scripture. His contribution will benefit our Spanish-speaking deacon students, bible study groups, catechists, and anyone who is interested in learning the Catholic teaching of revelation, biblical inspiration, and interpretation. This easy-to-read book is a tool to foster love for the sacred scriptures and responds to the needs for more pastoral biblical materials for Hispanics.”
Juan Rendon, Director of Diaconal Formation, Diocese of Fort Worth 
“This highly valuable resource explains in a simple and clear way what the Bible is, how to approach its reading, and how to understand it as God intends, in order to respond to his word and participate in his plan of salvation. Each book in this series responds to a faith-formation issue of vital importance to the Hispanic community in the United States and I am happy to share and promote them with Hispanic ministry leaders.”
Blanca Primm, Director of the Office of Hispanic Ministry, Diocese of Knoxville
“I consider this introduction by Fr. Rafael Ramírez a valuable instrument to become more familiar with the Holy Scriptures, in which, as St. Gregory the Great said, ‘we learn to know the heart of God in the words of God.’”
Fr. Higinio Rosolen , St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, Boynton Beach, Florida