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La Biblia católica para niños

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La Biblia católica para niños
$27.16 - $30.56

The only Spanish children's Bible created just for them! 

¡Por fin! ¡Está aquí!

La Biblia católica para niños es la primera Biblia completa para niños, que no solo inspira, sino que otorga a los niños el poder para que lean, vivan, comprendan y amen la Palabra de Dios. Los relatos de nuestra fe católica cobran vida con ilustraciones vívidas e inspiradoras, con letra más grande y con muchas más características de diseño que no solo mejoran la comprensión, sino que también promueven el deleite de los lectores.

Finally! It’s Here!

The Catholic Children’s Bible is the first-ever complete children’s Bible that not only inspires, but empowers children to read, live, understand, and love the Word of God. The stories of our Catholic faith come alive with vivid, awe-inspiring artwork, larger text, and many more design features that not only enhance comprehension but create enjoyment as well.


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Format: Paperback book
Product code: SM4145
Dimensions: 6.61" x 10"
Length: 1936 pages
Saint Mary's Press
ISBN: 9781599826752
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The leelo, vivelo, and amalo activities bring this Bible to life. I can't wait to see children excited to not only read the Word of God but go out and share it! This is what La Biblia católica para niños will do!
Armando Cervantes
I truly admire the work that Saint Mary’s Press has done to create a resource for Catholic children—as well as the extra effort it has made to prepare a resource for our Hispanic children in a language that is not only appropriate for them but in a language that they speak, understand, and pray. This resource will create an opportunity for Hispanic children and for their families. One of the values in the Hispanic community is strong families, and this resource will not only reach Hispanic children but their adult relatives as well.I certainly endorse La Biblia católica para niños as one of the resources that will impact the faith and understanding of the biblical stories in a more effective and clear way.
Juan Carlos Farias-Gonzalez, Director of Hispanic Ministry, Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI
La Biblia Católica para Niños is a resource that a catechist must have in his or her personal library. Besides the sacred text, which is faithfully presented, La Biblia Católica para Niños offers additional pages of selected stories for greater understanding, ideas on how to live according to the Gospel values, and simple activities that engage the children. Catechist, La Biblia Católica para Niños: Read it, live it, love it!
Giovanni O. Perez, Consultant of Elementary Catechesis, Archdiocese of Los Angeles
It is my pleasure and an honor to endorse the new Catholic Children’s Bible Spanish Edition from Saint Mary’s Press. I’m very pleased that we have this Bible available for the Spanish speaking communities in our Parishes and Dioceses.This Bible has all the elements that children need to become more familiar with the Word of God in a way that is fun, attractive and developmentally appropriate for children. It is fascinating that it is the complete version of the Bible and not just bible stories for children, like in many other books.The Spanish language used in this version of the Bible is simple and easy for children from any Spanish speaking country to understand. I believe this is a very valuable tool that can be used both in Faith Formation programs in Parishes and at home for daily reading.
Claudio A. Mora, Family Life Coordinator, Diocese of Dallas, TX.