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In Real Life eResources Mantras, Menorahs, and Minarets Encountering Other Faiths

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Encountering Other Faiths
In Real Life eResources
Mantras, Menorahs, and Minarets

Exploring tough questions facing youth today• Also available in print (with eResource)

OPEN THE BIBLE • Help youth apply the Bible to real life and discuss their faith. This all-in-one curriculum guides youth and their leaders on a journey for meaning and identity. In Real Life encourages youth to ask the hard questions, and helps them encounter Scripture in search of answers. In a time of violence, injustice, materialism, and new pressures, this series offers a different point of view. Compatible with a whole family approach.


Also available in print (with eResource)

Why should I commit to Jesus when other religions also claim to have truth?

Religion is the way humans have wrestled with fundamental questions about the purpose and problems of living. Beginning with “Big Questions,” this study looks at how Christianity compares and contrasts with other major religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam. It is a broad overview intended to help youth learn from the thoughts and beliefs of others— even their unfamiliar theologies. Part of our Christian calling is to be open to learning and making friends with people of other faiths. Study of major world religions can expand appreciation for the uniqueness of Jesus. (5 sessions, plus extender session)


  1. Which Way to God? • Help participants identify some of the questions humans ask about ultimate meaning, so they can consider how to relate to people of other religions.
  2. Hinduism: Try, Try, Try, Again? • Introduce participants to Hinduism and the idea of karma, and see how it compares and contrasts with Christian grace.
  3. Buddhism: How Do We Handle Suffering? • Explore with participants the contrast between finding an escape from suffering (Bud- dhism) and Christianity—which points to suffering (particularly on the cross) as the means of redemption and strengthened faith.
  4. Judaism: Is the Promise Alive? • Help participants appreciate the Jewish roots of Christianity, and understand where the two diverge.
  5. Islam: Is Doubting for Believers? • Help participants explore different ways to deal with the intersection of faith and doubt.
  6. Question and Answer (Extender Session option) • Follow up on questions generated in Session 1 and throughout the study. • Experience the worship of another faith.

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