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Imitate the Mystery A holiness retreat for priests & those who work with them

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A holiness retreat for priests & those who work with them
Imitate the Mystery

Author: Bill Huebsch

8.5 X 11" -- 16 pages -- full color

Near the dramatic end of the Rite of Ordination, the new priest receives the gifts gathered from the People of God. The bishop hands them to the priest and says these words: "Accept from the holy people of God the gifts to be offered to him. Know what you are doing, imitate the mystery you celebrate; model your life on the mystery of the Lord's cross."

These powerful words form the backdrop for this retreat. It is for priests and for those who work and worship with them.

You are the pastors, the pastoral workers, and the baptized ministers of the church. You are the ones who have offered the gifts mentioned by the bishop, the gifts which priests bring into holy order by their ministry within the parish. Let us be people with Gratitude for our priests. Let us be Prayerful in our response to God's call. And let us offer Support to priests and those who work with them. Amen.

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Format: eResource
Product code: WHRT113
Dimensions: 8½" x 11"
Length: 16 pages
The Pastoral Center
Written by Bill Huebsch


Bill Huebsch is an author, theologian, former director of religious education, and long-time Catholic publishing professional. He is also a husband, a widely-published and award-winning author, a gardener, a university professor, and a pretty qualified corkscrew operator. He has been a farmer, a marketing director, arts administrator, director of religious education, and diocesan administrator. Bill has published nearly thirty books as well as numerous articles, booklets, and screenplays.

Bill is the founder of the online Pastoral Center and past president of Twenty-Third Publications. Bill writes and teaches extensively on the catechetical mission of the Church and on the importance of continuing to implement the vision of the Second Vatican Council.

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