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Growing Up Catholic Faith Activities Faith Activities on Service

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Available by February 1, 2022
Growing Up Catholic Faith Activities
Faith Activities on Service
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Each title in this eResource series includes dozens of short, faith-filled, catechetical activities. We include catechist lesson plans, activity pages, and editable, step-by-step parent instruction pages—all reproducible. Use these resources for whole family events, in the classroom, or as send-home activities. These titles are new editions of books that originally appeared in the Enriching Faith series from Twenty-Third Publications. Buy the whole series as a discount bundle here.

33 service activities

We want to teach children compassion, but coming up with doable service activities for them can sometimes be a challenge. That's where this resource comes in. You'll find a wide variety of activities for groups of any size, age, or ability—all designed to help children make Christian service a way of life:

  • Community outreach projects perfectly suited for children
  • Hands-on classroom learning experiences
  • Joy-filled prayers that speak directly to children's hearts

Each lesson plan includes easy instructions and creative ideas to extend learning beyond the classroom. Keep it handy to enrich lessons on Jesus' teachings, the saints, feast days, and more. With this easy-to-use resource you're sure to find plenty of service activities to fit into any faith formation program—whether it's parish, school, or home-based—to help children become caring and compassionate followers of Christ.

As followers of Jesus, we are called to love one another as God loves us. One way to do this is through acts of service and caring. This book contains a variety of activities, projects, and prayers that engage children in Christian service. The lessons can be used to supplement catechetical sessions or religion classes, as catalysts for outreach in families, or as part of sacramental or whole community catechesis programs in a parish. While the material is geared for children ages 5–11, it can be adapted for older children as well.

Activities in the book are folded into a month-to-month time frame, beginning in September and ending in May. This ties them to particular seasons and holidays. Nevertheless, most lessons could be used at any time of the year that suits the needs and interests of the children and the parish, school, or family. Each lesson plan and accompanying activity page invites children to be generous and compassionate people. The activities show children how they can make a difference in the lives of other people and makes service a part of daily life. In this way children start a lifelong practice of caring about others in Jesus’ name.

Each lesson concludes with prayer. In addition to being people who help one another, we also pray for one another. We pray for the grace to use our God-given gifts in a life of service to others. We pray for the generosity to share the resources God has given us so that all people will have what they need. With God all things are possible.

Previously published by Twenty-Third Publications (ISBN 9781585959372).

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The Pastoral Center
Written by Patricia Mathson


Patricia Mathson was Director of Religious Education at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Des Moines, Iowa and holds a Master's Degree in Religious Education from the University of Dallas. She contributed to the popular Celebrating Saint column for Catechist magazine and is the author of numerous resource books for religious educators, including Faith Activities on Service and Time to Pray.

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