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Girl with the Green Hair

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Girl with the Green Hair

Patty was born with green hair and hated it more and more every day. She cut it, hid it, colored it, and ignored it, but nothing seemed to lessen her fear of being “different.” Finding a friend made a wonderful change in her life.

Format: Paperback book
Product code: AP466794
Dimensions: 5" x 5"
Length: 20 pages
ACTA Publications
ISBN: 9780879466794
Written by Bettina Tobin, OSB


Author and illustrator Sister Bettina Tobin was born and received her early education in northwest Missouri. After graduating from Mt. Scholastica Academy and College, she did graduate work in several universities. After thirty years of teaching in elementary and secondary schools in the Midwest, Sister Bettina devoted twelve years to working with the poverty-stricken illiterate people of the state of Bahia in northeastern Brazil. She found it a humbling experience to teach children and adults to begin to read pictures and then, little by little, to connect the letters and words. When books were worn out with continual use and because supplies were limited, she decided to write her own.