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Fratelli Tutti Online Video Learning Kit Sharable Streaming Video

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Available mid-November 2020
Fratelli Tutti Online Video Learning Kit
Sharable Streaming Video

This resource is included in the Fratelli Tutti Learning Bundle. For the best value, buy the whole bundle for only $35!

Preview the presentation here:

This eResource kit gives you everything you need to hold a learning event on Fratelli Tutti or send out links to the video for individual study. Your license gives you permission to share the documents within your entire parish, school community, or diocesan office. We also give you the Microsoft Word source files for the supporting documents so you can edit them yourself.

Ways to use this kit:

  • Simply share the video and file links with your staff, leaders, or parish members so they can watch at home
  • Send out the video link for viewing at home, and then use our tools to facilitate discussion at a later meeting
  • Play the video and hold a discussion at a meeting of your staff, pastoral council, faith formation parents, RCIA group, confirmation group, or whole parish

The kit includes:

  • Online video (60 minutes, excluding discussion time) - A simple, narrated online video presentation giving an overview of the document. Add-on DVD available (see below).
  • Event Outline (2 pages) - Helpful tips on how to organize and facilitate a parish gathering.
  • Detailed talking points (13 pages) - Full notes to speak from, with references to the related paragraphs in Pope Francis' document for each point.
  • Presentation summary (2 pages) - A shorter bullet-point summary to distribute or use as the basis for later discussions.
  • Reflection questions (1 page) - Discussion questions for each section of the presentation.
  • Prayers (2 pages) - A variety of prayers for your gathering or other parish events.
  • Logo - Use our artwork to make flyers or posters promoting your event.
  • Text analysis & word cloud (1 page) - Insights on word frequency and more.
  • Bonus materials - Two additional statements by Pope Francis that helped set the stage for the document.

If you have limited Internet access or prefer the convenience of a physical disc, please add the DVD to your order (for only $12 when purchasing this kit).

A similar Fratelli Tutti Video Powerpoint Kit empowers you to give this presentation in-person.

Note: You are allowed to email links to the video and files, but not to post the links on your public website. Thank you for cooperating with our honor system regarding our eResource licenses.

Product Preview

This is a downloadable, reproducible product sold with a lifetime parish or school license. Please read the full license terms below.

Product License

This reproducible eResource is sold with a lifetime license for use within a parish, school, or diocesan office. You are allowed to make unlimited copies for use within your own community. You may also email these to members of your team or participants in your program. If you serve more than one parish or school, each should purchase its own license. You may not post our eResources to any web site without explicit permission to do so. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for cooperating with our honor system regarding our product licenses.

Format: eResource
Product code: PC182
The Pastoral Center
Written by Fumiaki Tosu


Fumiaki Tosu is a teacher, story-teller, and peace-maker.  He is a former high school and college theology instructor, as well as former member of the Catholic Worker community in San Jose, CA.  He currently works for the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest, and lives in Portland, Oregon. He has his Master of Divinity degree from the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University.