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Creation Care Kids Creation Care on the Run - 2 Handouts for Busy Parents

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Creation Care Kids
Creation Care on the Run - 2 Handouts for Busy Parents

Lovingly written and designed by Beth Belcher

11 X 8.5" one fold fliers -- they're short, they're in plain English, and parents just love 'em!

How can we help parents teach their own kids about Creation Care?
Beth Belcher to the rescue!
In these wonderful one-fold fliers, you hand parents the words to use so they can become the teachers of their own children. Author Beth Belcher has perfected the art of "coaching young parents" to find a voice of faith. This is the voice that moms and dads throughout the church need to pass on the faith to the next generation.

This 2-pack includes the following two resources:

  • Creation Care in the World... On the Run
  • Creation Care at Home... On the Run


These are full of do-able suggestions for everyday life in the home, and they also connect to the larger Catholic tradition of parish and community life.



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Format: eResource
Product code: BBWS469
Dimensions: 8½" x 11"
The Pastoral Center
Written by Beth Belcher


Beth loves to teach, to learn and to talk! She has taught children and adults for many years and especially loves to teach about God, the Church and how to live out our Christian call in our ordinary lives. Beth has been married for more than 25 years to Mark, who has the patience of a saint. They have six great kids and live outside of Dallas, TX.

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