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Come to the Table VBS Theme

When you eat with Jesus, anything can happen! • A VBS for Eucharistic Revival

An interactive VBS where children learn that everyone is welcome at God’s table! The five Bible stories in this curriculum explore stories about Jesus from the Gospels of Luke and John. These stories show Jesus eating with unexpected people, providing food for a crowd, demonstrating humility, and extending welcome and forgiveness. Through worship and drama, Bible study, art and science projects, and active games, children are welcomed to taste and share at God’s table, where there is always enough! Come to the Table invites children to see that God loves and welcomes all people and challenges them to share that same love and hospitality in their everyday lives.

Each day starts with relationship-building, joint worship, music, prayer, and a dramatic presentation of the Bible story.

  1. Be Our Guest (Luke 14:15–24) • Food for thought: Everyone is welcome at God’s table.
  2. Jesus and the Giant Picnic (John 6:1–14) • Food for thought: There is more than enough at God’s table.
  3. Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner (Luke 19:1–10) • Food for thought: Jesus’ welcome changes everything.
  4. A Supper to Remember (Luke 22:13–20; John 13:1–20) • Food for thought: Jesus shows us what love looks like.
  5. Breakfast on the Beach (John 21:1–17) • Food for thought: We can love like Jesus.