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A Year with the Catechism 365 Day Reading Plan

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365 Day Reading Plan
A Year with the Catechism
$19.96 - $22.46

A bestseller since its release, the Catechism of the Catholic Church is a fantastic resource for what we believe and why. It has helped Catholics have a greater understanding of the faith. The Catechism stands, in the words of Pope John Paul II, as “a sure norm for teaching the faith” and an “authentic reference text.”

But reading the 904 page Catechism cover to cover is not always a manageable experience. While a glorious gift to the universal Church, it can be quite intimidating.

A Year with the Catechism: 365 Day Reading Plan is a step to uncovering the treasures in the pages of the Catechism. This practical tool helps Catholics open up the riches of this most important document in manageable, bite-sized pieces. Each day draws attention to recurring themes and explains terms from Tradition that might be unfamiliar, while highlighting the spiritual and pastoral elements of the text. It not only unlocks the purpose of the Catechism but how it is used in teaching the faith.

This commentary is intended to make reading the Catechism both a manageable and enjoyable experience. Whether read alone or as part of a reading group, this book is essential to participate fully in God’s redemptive plan. Readers will discover and learn to appreciate the wealth of treasure the Catechism holds.

This collaborative commentary, written by internationally respected experts, makes the Catechism accessible to those seeking to deepen their own faith as well as to those teaching the faith to others. Whether used alone or in a group setting, A Year with the Catechism is a practical handbook can be read alongside any version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Format: Paperback book
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Length: 384 pages
Our Sunday Visitor
ISBN: 9781681921594
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Written by Petroc Willey, Dominic Scotto, Donald Asci, & Elizabeth Siegel