Witnesses of Hope Collection

Note: This entire collection is published in both Spanish and English versions. For Spanish-language descriptions of each title, click on the cover images or the underlined titles on the Components page.

The Witnesses of Hope collection includes three series of books that represent a pastoral and theological vision for ministry with Hispanic youth and young adults in the United States.

Prophets of Hope Series
The Prophets of Hope series proposes a pastoral and theological vision for ministry with Hispanic jóvenes (single young adults 16 through 26 years old) in the United States. This vision brings together the social analysis, pastoral priorities, theological approaches, and spirit of Hispanic youth and young adult ministry inspired by the three Encuentros Nacionales Hispanos de Pastoral, Encuentro 2000, and the New Evangelization for America called for this millennium by Pope John Paul II.

Agents of Hope Series
The Agents of Hope series is designed to train older adolescents, young adults, and their adult advisers to conduct an evangelizing and missionary ministry in small communities. The process of community-building includes general preparation, initial journeys, community meetings, retreats, and pastoral practice.

Builders of Hope Series
The Builders of Hope series promotes, both theoretically and practically, jóvenes' vocational development as lay persons and their mission in the Church and society. A discernment process helps them discern God's call, develop spiritually, take responsibility for their lives, and discover or clarify their personal life's projects. While designed for small missionary and evangelizing communities of jóvenes within the Prophets of Hope model, this series can easily be adapted for other pastoral models.

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