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Wee Wonder Curriculum

Wee Wonder is a year-round 52-session curriculum for two-year-olds. Twelve creative modules introduce twos to a loving God through song, action rhymes, Bible stories and responsive play. 

"The Bible is an important book for twos! Because twos do not yet read, they have to experience the Bible stories with their senses. Touching a bit of wool, tasting bread, smelling fish—all these experiences help the Bible stories come to life. Twos also benefit from seeing and touching a Bible. It is not just an ordinary book. It has a special message, one that each child needs to hear—God loves me! Show care for the Bible—Open it carefully, look at the words, place it down gently. This is a model for how to use any book, but also how to treat a special book with special care." —From Lesson 3: We Read The Bible

Modules are:

The modules are not dated, and each module includes either 4 or 5 sessions. The Leader's Guide, Bible Story Picture Sheet, and Music CD are reusable year after year.

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