Walk in Her Sandals Experiencing Christ’s Passion through the Eyes of Women 

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Experiencing Christ’s Passion through the Eyes of Women 
Walk in Her Sandals

What if you could have been a witness to the events of the last days of Jesus’ life—walking with him as he entered Jerusalem, observing his crucifixion, and embracing him on Easter? 

Walk in Her Sandals, edited by popular Catholic author and speaker Kelly M. Wahlquist, takes you deeper into your relationship with Jesus by helping you relate to him in a profoundly intimate way. Looking at six universal gifts of women through the eyes of women in the gospels, the book guides you on a prayerful and creative journey through the days of Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost.

As you imagine the experience of the women who met Jesus, you will discover how each of them expressed one of six, distinctive, feminine gifts identified in the writings of St. John Paul II. Through the eyes of an imagined woman who watched Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, you will understand how she conveyed the gift of receptivity. Through the hands of Veronica, who reached out to wipe the face of Jesus, you will discover how sensitivity is present and can grow in your own life. These gifts, along with generosity, prayer, maternity, and the Holy Spirit, come to life through the vivid portrayal of women who walked with Jesus. Their imagined stories are complemented by the real accounts of contemporary women who share their own stories of receiving and cultivating these gifts.

Walk in Her Sandals is a collaborative effort, edited by Wahlquist with contributions from twelve leading Catholic women writers, all of whom are associated with the organization she founded—WINE: Women In the New Evangelization. The contributors will help you break open the scripture, reflect upon it and apply it to your own life, and share those insights in a small-group setting through the use of questions and challenges.

Each chapter unfolds in eight movements:

  • A Moment to Ponder: Wahlquist sets the stage for the theme of that chapter.
  • Entering the Scripture: Sarah Christmyer, codeveloper of The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study, reveals the riches of the scripture that corresponds with the day, both in the biblical narrative and in the liturgical year.
  • Walk in Her Sandals: Stephanie Landsem, author of the biblical fiction series The Living Water, draws you into the story and allows you to experience what it may have been like for women who lived and walked with Jesus.
  • Unwrapping the Gift: Catholic author, speaker, and faith-formation leader Pat Gohn shows how each woman demonstrates a particular feminine gift and invites you to nurture that gift in yourself and understand anew the beauty of your dignity and vocation.
  • Reflect on the Meaning: Writers including CatholicMom.com founder Lisa M. Hendey and popular media personality Teresa Tomeo offer insight, encouragement, and inspiration for your own journey through their personal stories.
  • Lectio and Meditatio: A prayerful reading of the scripture and a guided meditation to draw you more deeply into an intimate relationship with Jesus.
  • Questions for Group Discussion: Carol Younger, senior fellow at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, offers a helpful tool to share your experience with other women.
  • Walking in the New Evangelization: Wahlquist offers two ways to contribute to the New Evangelization—first by growing in your contemplative spiritual life and then by giving you practical suggestions to enhance your active spiritual life.

Walk in Her Sandals will allow you to enter more fully into life in Christ by praying over his passion, death, and resurrection. It will help you experience a conversion of heart and recognize your own giftedness.

  • Contributing authors such as Lisa M. Hendey, Teresa Tomeo, Stephanie Landsem, Pat Gohn, and Sarah Christmyer are established successful authors who have sold tens of thousands of copies of their many books. Each of these contributors has her own platform, including radio, television, websites, blogs, podcasts, major women’s conferences, retreats, concerts, and pilgrimages.
  • WINE is an emerging movement of women in small groups that is becoming established in numerous locations throughout the United States.
  • The book can be used in Bible study groups of all kinds and at any time of year, but especially during Lent.

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Written by Kelly M. Wahlquist


Walk in Her Sandals is a devotional tapestry, richly woven from the poignant threads of women’s intimate experiences of Jesus. Experience how those moments forever changed their lives, and moment by intimate moment, you, too, will be changed.
Sonja Corbitt
Catholic speaker, radio host, and author of Unleashed
Kelly Wahlquist’s stunning team effort, Walk in Her Sandals, dramatically raises the bar for women’s resources with its innovative approach to exploring feminine gifts as pathways to Christ.
Lisa Mladinich
Catholic author and creator of Amazing Catechists
Walk in Her Sandals teaches readers to use imaginative prayer by bringing to life the women who accompanied Christ through his passion, death, and resurrection. It seeks to help contemporary women discover their own call to be missionary disciples in the service of the New Evangelization. Many will benefit from reading this book.
Most Rev. Andrew Cozzens
Auxiliary Bishop
Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
In Walk in Her Sandals you will hear a symphony of wisdom, insight, and practical application. What this team of women has accomplished is remarkable. They have opened up a world of opportunity for other women to enjoy their relationship with God and at the same time discover aspects of their being in a new and profound way.
Jeff Cavins
Coauthor of The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study Program
This book truly makes the scriptural account of Christ’s passion come alive! Readers will find themselves entering into the story in a whole new way and experiencing the unique gifts and central role of women. A treasure for spiritual growth during Lent and Easter!
Mary Healy
Associate professor of Sacred Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary
You’ll find yourself walking as a companion to Jesus and toward Easter in a whole new way, thanks to the treasure within this book.
Sarah Reinhard
Catholic writer, blogger, author, and editor of Word by Word