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The Volunteer Church Mobilizing Your Congregation for Growth and Effectiveness

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Mobilizing Your Congregation for Growth and Effectiveness
The Volunteer Church
$12.00 - $13.50

An excellent book from an evangelical Christian perspective

Working with volunteers can be a rewarding and exciting experience—for them as well as for those who recruit, train, and maintain their services. However, if church leaders are honest, they know there are times that it can be frustrating. They know that volunteers are essential, vital to creating growth and new ministries, and are the key to introducing youth and children to Jesus Christ. They have the welcoming smiles at the door, they serve the food, pray for needs, stuff bulletins, organize missions trips, and on and on. If they want to see their church grow, it must be a volunteering church, a church that runs on volunteers.

The Volunteer Church was developed out of the ministry of Leith Anderson at Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where a vital and vibrant volunteer program boasting 4,000 participants grew under the leadership of Jill Fox. The principles and training have been applied in churches of all sizes and denominations in seminar settings across the country as well as at Wooddale Church.

In The Volunteer Church, leaders will

  • Learn how to effectively recruit and train volunteers
  • Discover how to build sustainable, long-lasting ministries led by volunteers
  • Find methods for encouraging and maintaining your volunteers for success
  • Know how to build teams of volunteers
  • Understand how to find the right service that fits a willing volunteer

If you lead a church and are exhausted by the lack of volunteer help, or if you are a volunteer and dream of adding numbers to your team, this book is for you. If you are on a church staff and know that a new ministry is needed but volunteers and training are required to make it happen, here you will find the resources to recruit, inspire, train, and maintain the church’s most vital workforce.

  1. Churches Need Volunteers! (Leith)
  2. The Role of Leaders (Leith)
  3. Create a Volunteer-Friendly Culture (Jill)
  4. People Want to Volunteer (Leith)
  5. Teams are Tops (Leith)
  6. Fit the Volunteer, Don't Fill Positions (Leith)
  7. Have Clear Expectations (Jill)
  8. Volunteers Recruit Volunteers (Jill)
  9. Keep It Simple (Jill)
  10. Support, Support, Support (Jill)
  11. Attention to Details (Leith)
  12. 'Paying' Volunteers (Jill)
  13. Tell Stories (Jill)
  14. Trusting Volunteers (Leith)
  15. Celebrating (Jill)
  16. The Priority of Prayer (Leith)

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: IC519157
Dimensions: 8.3" x 5.4"
Length: 160 pages
ISBN: 9780310519157
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Written by Leith Anderson and Jill Fox


The Volunteer Church is an immensely practical and hands-on guide to encouraging, recruiting, motivating, and caring for the volunteers who make our church ministry possible.
Rev. Paul Jorgensen, Cornerstone Church, Litchfield, MN
The Volunteer Church is a must read for every ministerial and lay leader in the church. I only wish I had had this book early on in my ministry.
Dr. George O. Wood, the General Council, Assemblies of God
You need this book. Read it and discover how to create a culture of volunteering at your church.
Jason Strand, Pastor, Eagle Brook Church, Minneapolis
The Volunteer Church captures the imagination of what church should and could be now and in the future. People are longing to volunteer but need a pathway. Here it is!
Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent, the Wesleyan Church
This book should be required reading for all desiring to develop and maintain a volunteer culture in the local church setting.
Justin A. Irving, Bethel Seminary


Leith Anderson serves as president of the National Association of Evangelicals. For thirty-five years he was the pastor of Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. He is a graduate of both Denver Seminary and Fuller Theological Seminary.  Anderson is the author of more than 20 books.