The One Thing Necessary The Transforming Power of Christian Love

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The Transforming Power of Christian Love
The One Thing Necessary
Christian love is not some weak, fuzzy attempt to be "nice" and "not rock any boats." God's love is the transformative power of the universe that was revealed in Jesus Christ and is available to anyone willing to take up the cross and embrace it. It is "the one thing necessary" that Jesus taught and acted upon during his entire ministry.In this radical new interpretation of love as the touchstone of the Christian message, well-respected author Leonard Doohan explores the human longing for meaning; the Scriptures; the relational model of the Trinity: the ideas of human vocation, destiny and community; the mystical spiritual traditions; and his own experiences to explain what love is, how we find it, and how it can change the world.Each of the seven chapters contains several quotes and focus points at the beginning and provocative questions at the end for reflection of discussion by adult religious educations and bible study groups. The chapters include: • Love's Call: Finding Meaning in God's Love • Love's Way: Jesus' Life of Love for Humanity • Love's Word: Jesus' Teachings on Love • Love's Life: The Inner Life of God Is a Life of Love • Love's Pain: A World Crying for Love • Love's Hope: Our Vocation to Love • Love's Vision: Sharing Love in Community
The One Thing Necessary offers an in-depth look at Christian love. It is an excellent tool for discussion groups, offering solid content on the topic of love. Each chapter begins with relevant quotes and focus points. Chapters end with a list of questions.9780879460105Jesus’ ministry and personal example exuded love. His commandment was to love each other as he loved us. He gave up his life because of the love he had for us and said the criteria for the last judgment will be about our acts of mercy and love.-- Mary K. Doyle (Read more)

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Written by Leonard Doohan