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The Mass is Never Ended - Revised Edition Rediscovering Our Mission to Transform the World - A Perfect Gift for Eucharistic Revival

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The Mass is Never Ended - Revised Edition
Rediscovering Our Mission to Transform the World - A Perfect Gift for Eucharistic Revival
$4.00 - $11.50
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After the blessing, the deacon or the priest dismisses the people with the words: Ite, missa est (Go, you are sent forth).

These words help us to grasp the relationship between the Mass just celebrated
and the mission of Christians in the World....

The People of God might be helped
to understand more clearly
this essential dimension of the Church’s life, taking the dismissal as a starting point.

Pope Benedict XVI, The Sacrament of Charity, 51

This revised edition of ­The Mass Is Never Ended, updated especially for the National Eucharistic Revival, will renew appreciation for the beauty and wisdom of the Mass for Catholics everywhere. Examining the Mass through the lens of the dismissal—and how each part of the liturgy prepares us to be sent out again—the book is at turns entertaining, profound, and practical.

What Christian doesn’t want these three things? 

  1. A mission worthy of our lives. 
  2. A community that is with us on that mission. 
  3. A liturgy that continually challenges and supports our best efforts to carry out that mission “on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

This revised edition of ­The Mass Is Never Ended eloquently and powerfully lays out the components of a rich, purposeful, and holy life and shows how they are—amazingly!—available to each one of us in the celebration of each Mass from which we are “dismissed” to go do our best work on our jobs, studies, and volunteer activities; with our families, friends, and neighbors; and in our community and civic involvements.

Stick close to the Mass. Do not let anyone or anything distract you from what it really is. Allow it to forgive you, to prepare you, and send you forth. Leave the church as if you have been launched like a rocket, embrace your mission to help make this a little better world, and develop your own spirituality of work to sustain you.

—from the Conclusion

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Format: Paperback book
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Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
Length: 120 pages
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Written by Gregory F. Augustine Pierce


This is a beautiful, powerful book. Its simplicity and brevity can be deceiving, but your outlook on life will be changed. Gregory Pierce has given the church a real gift in these pages.
Stephen Bevans, SVD, Catholic­ Theological Union
Nails it!
Alice Camille, author, This Transforming Word: Cycles A, B, C
As a parish priest, each week I visited different parishioners at their workplace. ­Then I met with them in groups of eight to ten to discuss the relationship between their faith and their work, giving each one of them a copy of The Mass Is Never Ended.
Fr. Anthony Shonis


Gregory F. Augustine Pierce is the owner, CEO, and publisher of ACTA Publications in Chicago and had written ten books, including The World as It Should Be and Reveille for a New Generation. He was the president for five years of the National Center for the Laity and currently mentors young adults in their career choice and development. He has been married for 38 years to Kathleen Augustine Pierce, a retired Catholic school teacher and now the CFO of ACTA Publications. The couple has three young-adult children in their mid-thirties. Pierce is the developer and facilitator of a workshop titled “Persuasive Writing for Leaders and Organizers.”