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The Liberating Birth of Jesus A Birth Story Able to Reverse Our Planet's Perils

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The Liberating Birth of Jesus
A Birth Story Able to Reverse Our Planet's Perils

Christmas happens in an imperial, consumerist, industrial worldview of growth economics, individualistic thinking, and supersized commercial powers. But the birth story is in a worldview that is creation-centered, works for all. In this worldview, sharing, interdependence, cosmology, and souls that resonate with the sacred Presence give powerful, life-sustaining experiences. With the ecological catastrophes underway, stories in the creation-centered worldview stir our greater capacities as humans. They have an element of wildness able to liberate us from the worldview now delivering ecological death. When we live by such stories, we can reverse the apocalyptic futures we fear. Here is an urgent plea for us to reconnect with the ancient wisdom of creation through a new creation able to empower us for actions necessary in this moment.

Format: Paperback book
Product code: IC029901
Dimensions: 8½" x 5½"
Length: 162 pages
Oneearth Publishing
ISBN: 9781734029901
Written by Lee Van Ham