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The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children's Ministry

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The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children's Ministry
$25.60 - $28.80

Sunday school games help you reinforce a Bible truth, explore a Bible principle, and cement Bible learning. The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children's Ministry contains fun, non-competitive Bible games for lots of occasions: holidays, icebreakers, group builders, and road trips. This children's ministry resource is full of games that can be played in total silence, and games for those wild 'n' wacky times. Use fun like a magnet and draw children to the Scripture with these creative children's ministry ideas.

In this encyclopedia you will find:
175 games to build rapport in your group and with God:

  • God Creates the World,
  • Noah Builds the Ark,
  • Joseph's Disturbing Dreams,
  • Joseph's Brothers Sell Him,
  • Joseph Forgives His Brothers,
  • Crossing the Red Sea,
  • Spies Into the Promised Land,
  • Ruth Trusts God,
  • Samuel Listens to God,
  • Solomon Asks for Wisdom,
  • Queen Esther Is Brave,
  • Esther Saves Her People,
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd,
  • Daniel Is Safe in the Lions' Den,
  • Satan Tempts Jesus,
  • Jesus Feeds Five Thousand,
  • Jesus Blesses Children,
  • Jesus Walks on Water,
  • Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet,
  • An Angel Frees Peter From Jail,
  • Paul and Silas Go to Jail,
  • Paul Is Shipwrecked, and more.

  • Ways to adapt games:
  • for small groups,
  • indoor and outdoor settings,
  • space limitations, and
  • ability and age limitations.

  • Handy indexes organize games by:
  • Scripture reference,
  • energy level (high, medium, low), and
  • by game name.

Games are great—they get kids involved, build relationships, and make coming to church fun. But you have so little time with your children—do you really want to spend it playing games?

Absolutely—because every Sunday school game you find here reinforces a Bible truth, explores a Bible principle, and cements Bible learning. Your kids will have fun learning Bible stories and Bible themes when they participate in these Sunday school activities!

The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children’s Ministry includes fun, non-competitive Bible games for holidays, icebreakers, group builders, road trips, total silence, and those wild ’n’ wacky times. In short, Bible games for any occasion…any energy level…and nearly any Bible story!

Use the helpful indexes to find the perfect game to complement your Bible lesson. You can search by Scripture reference, the game's energy level (low, medium, or high), or by the name of the game. The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children's Ministry makes it easy to find the perfect game for your group to enjoy!

Keep this book handy—you’ll use it often! It’s a game-time lifesaver for Sunday school, midweek programs and clubs, camps, retreats, road trips, and seasonal programs.

Get ready to have some fun!

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