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The Cultural World of the Apostles The Second Reading, Sunday by Sunday, Year B

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The Cultural World of the Apostles
The Second Reading, Sunday by Sunday, Year B
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Preachers and liturgy planners will find The Cultural World of the Apostles a companion to John Pilch's previous series, The Cultural World of Jesus. Each essay offers brief historical and literary information on the second (or middle) reading assigned for the Sundays in the three-year lectionary cycle. Suggestions for cross-cultural comparisons with Western culture and links with the gospel for each Sunday encourage readers to explore pastoral applications to modern life.

The second readings were intended to be an independent, semi-continuous reading of the Acts of the Apostles and the letters attributed to Paul and James, with selections from Peter and the book of Revelation. In The Cultural World of the Apostles, Pilch explains that, because the readings were shortened, their brevity has deprived readers of sufficient context to interpret the text-segment in a responsible way. To help people make sense of such high-context documents, Pilch provides a broader literary context for each reading.

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Besides providing insights from historical research and cultural anthropology, Pilch . . . seeks to assist readers in exploring pastoral applications to modern life.
New Testament Abstracts
Pilch brings his trademark interest in the cultural context of early Christianity to his interpretation of the readings.
The Bible Today


John J. Pilch, a highly-regarded biblical scholar and author, taught at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland and passed away in 2016. Among his numerous publications areThe Cultural World of Jesus, and The Cultural World of the Prophets series, and Cultural Tools for Interpreting the Good News, published by Liturgical Press.