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The Caregiver’s Companion A Christ-Centered Journal to Nourish Your Soul

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The Caregiver’s Companion
A Christ-Centered Journal to Nourish Your Soul
$12.71 - $14.91

Every caregiver’s story is unique, but one thing you all have in common is that you need to be nourished to have the resilience and compassion to tend to the needs of those you love. The Caregiver’s Companion approaches caregiving not as a burden, but as an opportunity to grow and receive graces and blessings.

Written by the founders of Nourish for Caregivers—an organization that seeks to improve the health and spiritual wellbeing of caregivers—this beautifully designed, full-color journal is a practical resource with encouraging readings, prayers, and guided journaling to help you draw strength from your faith in a few sacred moments each day. It is a unique resource to remind you to care for yourself as you care for others.

The physical, financial, and emotional demands of caregiving can take an enormous toll, and their high stress levels make caregivers a population at-risk. The Caregiver’s Companion provides the encouragement and spiritual nourishment you need to persevere each day—whether your role involves hands-on caregiving, helping from a distance, or lending emotional support to a loved one in an assisted living facility. Each entry in this beautiful full-color guided journal combines prayers, meditations, reflection questions, quotations, and plenty of space for personal journaling, allowing you to capture the highs and lows of your daily experiences.

You will discover spiritual nourishment and practical guidance for

  • coping with stress and feelings of grief and loss,
  • advocating for your loved one and yourself,
  • facing tough decisions and knowing when to ask for help,
  • establishing healthy boundaries with other family members, and
  • making lasting memories in your challenging but special role as caregiver.

The Caregiver’s Companion is also a useful resource for parishes, parish nurses, chaplains, and faith-based elder-care agencies and health systems. Free, downloadable resources are available on

A portion of the sales benefit Nourish for Caregivers, an organization founded by the authors to improve the health and spiritual wellbeing of caregivers.

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Format: Paperback book
Product code: AM719165
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Length: 160 pages
Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 9781594719165
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Written by Debra Kelsey-Davis and Kelly Johnson


“In The Caregiver’s Companion, the authors provide a supportive, insightful, and practical guide for anyone engaged with caregiving.  This valuable spiritual resource resonates with wisdom and compassion gained by those who have experienced the hills and valleys of caregivers.”
Joyce Rupp, Author of Praying Our Goodbyes 
“This terrific new Catholic resource brightens the day of anyone lost in the busyness of caring for a loved one. If you’d love a well-deserved pat on the back and some soothing balm for your careworn soul, The Caregiver’s Companion is for you!”
M. Donna MacLeod, Author of the Seasons of Hope series
“When you're serving as a caregiver for a loved one, life can feel overwhelming. Debra Kelsey-Davis and Kelly Johnson have created a beautiful gift that reminds those of us who care for our loved ones that we are never alone in this journey. It’s exactly what I need to help me accompany my parents with generosity, trust, and faith!”
Lisa M. Hendey, Author of The Grace of Yes
“A companion and keepsake.”“Caregiving can sometimes feel like a cloud that never leaves you, a twilight world that is neither night nor day. The Caregivers Companion journal will help you get—and keep—your bearings. It will help convert the ongoing task of caregiving from drudgery to loving encounter. By covering all the key elements that caregivers need to reflect on and work through, this journal will begin as a companion and become a keepsake.”
Jim Healy, Author, speaker, and president of Rooted in Love