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Summer Event - Let the SON Shine Let the SON Shine - Summer Event Kit A Parish Event for Families & Friends

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Summer Event - Let the SON Shine
Let the SON Shine - Summer Event Kit
A Parish Event for Families & Friends

Start Planning Your Next Family Summer Event

Let the Son Shine Event Kit is everything your church needs to run a successful, fun summertime event for families and kids! Each idea in the kit connects the day’s activities to a Bible verse, so kids begin to understand how God is at work in their lives! And the best part, it's easy to host a 1-2 hour outreach event!

You don’t need a fancy building, expensive supplies, tons of volunteers or even a dedicated children’s ministry worker! This event is perfect for churches of all shapes and sizes:

  • Flexible based on budget and volunteers
  • Customizable to be a large one-day event or multiple shorter events
  • Affordable alternative to larger-scale event kits

This kit contains three full events—Water, Campout, and Serve—for the summer. Do all of them in one week, one month, or split them up into multiple events throughout the summer. Whether you have a whole host of volunteers or just a faithful few, you can customize Let the Son Shine to fit your needs!

Each theme is a full event! How you schedule it is up to you!

  • Run a church retreat over a long weekend
  • Host a 3-week series faith night
  • Gather each month of the summer

Celebrate the summer season in an exciting and creative way with a summer event at your church. In this kit you will find activities and crafts you can do together to praise the Son of God who shines down on us with his love, as the summer sun warms our days. Ideas for games to play and food to share are included along with Bible readings, litanies, mini-dramas and prayers to bring the fun of summer together with the message of joy in the Lord. Take-home gifts to share will help everyone let the love of the SON shine in our hearts.

A cost-effective, time-saving resource for church, school and youth groups. Adapt and adjust the many ideas in this kit to offer send-home summer activities for your church families. Individual families can take ideas from this kit to throw a fun-filled, Christ-centered summer celebration in their own backyard.

See our coordinating summer event placemat, poster and flier, as well as other creative products for children and families to enhance your event.

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