ScriptureWalk Series

Interactive Study Programs Make God's Word Come Alive.

Why is the Bible, one of the bestselling books of all time, often left on our shelves gathering dust? Perhaps because we misunderstand the purpose of the Holy Scriptures. Our ScriptureWalk series is designed specifically for Catholic senior and junior high youth, to help them connect with the voice of God in their lives.

Using dynamic, engaging, and active learning strategies to bring the Scriptures to life, ScriptureWalk invites Catholic teens to open their hearts by reflecting on how God appears to them through events and people.

Each ScriptureWalk Senior High session is built on a Scripture passage, with a 45- to 60-minute Bible study, a 15- to 20-minute creative activity that applies the passage to teen life, and a 10- to 15-minute prayer service that brings the theme into group prayer. ScriptureWalk Junior High sessions are designed to serve younger adolescents with shorter attention spans: each 90-minute session changes often through various discussions, crafts, games, and creative prayer times to reflect on the Scriptures.

This energetic program fits easily into the junior or senior high youth-group format. You can also use it to enhance your youth ministry in catechetical sessions, weekly study groups, mini-retreats, or Scripture classes. Each volume includes everything you need to plan a session your teens won't soon forget!